Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hypocritical Al Gore booed at Concordia University

Al Gore was recently awarded an honorary degree from Concordia University. Carbon credits may or may not have been purchased from himself to offset his flight to Canada to deliver a sermon. Judging from the crowd's reaction, Al Bore may now be ceremoniously addressed as Dr. Eco-hypocrite. David Suzuki missed out on the formal honor this time around, though his foundation blessed yet another carbon spewing trip as Comrade Suzuki was invited to celebrate his honorable mention.

The Brock Press:

MONTREAL (CUP) - Concordia president Claude Lajeunesse was booed as he took the stage to give Al Gore an honorary doctorate from the university on March 22.

The brainchild of Concordia Student Union president Khaleed Juma, the doctorate was presented while the crowd, present to listen to speeches from Gore and David Suzuki, filed out the exits after the question and answer period with Gore was cancelled.

The talk took place in the cadre of Less Talk, More Action: A Youth Action Summit on Climate Change, organized by Youth Action Montreal members and Concordia University students Peter Schiefke and Mohamed Shuriye.

[..] The former U.S. vice-president's speech was effectively his Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth with updated statistics, and presented by an angrier, fist-shaking Gore.

His presentation was halted at least twice as opponents to his agenda began to shout out.

They called him a liar and a villain, and screamed, "What about your swimming pools?" in regards to recent allegations that the monthly electricity bill of Gore's estate rivaled a year's bill for the average American home.

This led Gore to joke, "I don't even know if you guys are left - or right-wing".
Here's hoping the zealots scream themselves hoarse so reasonable folk can go about their business in peace and leave the polar bears alone.
They just bloody lie. They gather lies wholesale and then retail them to credulous feelers.

Billy Beck