Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hypocrites on Parade July 7, 2007

We've got a potential Y2k on our hands here. Is Al Gore certain the earth will survive such a massive surge of energy? Live Earth, the brain child of Mad Professor Gore, will last 24 hours and take place on 7 continents. More than a hundred washed up rock stars plan to celebrate the power of carbon by emitting tons of it:

"By attracting an audience of billions we hope Live Earth will launch a global campaign giving a critical mass of people around the world the tools they need to help solve the climate crisis," Gore said.

"We hope the energy created by Live Earth will jump start a massive public education effort.

"Live Earth will help us reach a tipping point that's needed to move corporations and governments to take decisive action to solve the climate crisis."

[..] Proceeds from the concerts will go towards a foundation to combat climate change. Tickets for the London gig will cost 55 pounds (108 dollars, 81 euros).
The proceeds will go to The Alliance for Climate Protection, and the Chair of the foundation, Al Gore. Participants are invited to purchase carbon credits from Gore to offset the carbon emitted from the event.