Thursday, April 12, 2007

Howard Hampton on the "science" of social engineering

Howard Hampton's reaction to the likely rejection of a private members bill put forth by an NDP MPP that if approved, would commit the province to meeting Kyoto targets by 2012:

NDP Leader Howard Hampton said the Liberals, who are expected to vote against the NDP's Ontario Climate Change Act, will likely adopt weaker standards than called for by Kyoto when they unveil their own climate change plan.

"We have all seen the effects of climate change -- Christmas with no snow, summer heat waves that are unprecedented, floods, freak storms, extreme and unpredictable weather conditions virtually everywhere across Ontario," Hampton said. "And virtually everywhere I go across Ontario, people tell me that they are worried."
Even more troublesome is people paying attention to soothsayers like Hampton. The weather has always been essentially unpredictable - track the accuracy of weather forecasts for a while to see. Predictably, Hampton failed to note that April temperatures are cooler than average across the province, and much of the continent for that matter. Southwestern Ontario also experienced a cold and dismal Fall, but when you are in the business of minding other people's business, only selectively chosen "facts" matter.

A few days before, Hampton blamed the Liberals for failing to protect the jobs of unionized manufacturing workers; his focus was on the 240 employees in Sudbury who will soon lose their jobs at a brake parts factory because it's cheaper to do business in China.
“A total of 240 workers in Sudbury found out the Affinia plant they work at is going to be closed in June so that Affinia can make brake motors in China. Those 240 workers have families; they have car payments and mortgages,” said Hampton, in a release.

“Those workers will be devastated by the closure, and the McGuinty Liberals did nothing to keep these jobs in Sudbury.”
I detect critical hypocrite emissions. Cars are bad for the environment, and Hampton wants to implement laws that would encourage companies to outsource to Kyoto-exempt China, though he demands the government spend your money to prevent the loss of jobs in the auto industry. To drive or not to drive: That is the burning question of the day. Subsidies potentially available upon request. Contact Mitchieville for more details.

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libby van dyke said...

He's counting on growing numbers of people who will be depending on social services to keep him employed as a professional politician.

Jay said...

Even Buzz H. is seeing the green horse bolt from the barn:

“It’s the insanity of the environmental movement — everybody’s trying to outgreen each other,” Mr. Hargrove said, singling out Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, and George Bush, the U.S. president, for his harshest criticism. “Politicians have gotten the green god and now they’re running with it for the next election.”

Anonymous said...

unionboy can always be counted on to trot that one out 'I gotta fambly too feed'.

well what about MY family unionboy and how much more things cost because of your extortionist wage demands?

remember 'wage parity' back in the 60s? well wtf about demanding 'cost of living parity' as well?

what about when the canuckistan dollar was higher than the yankee dollaahhh? hmmmm? where were your 'wage parity' demands then????

and why is there such a shortage of skilled tradespeople? anything to do with the manufactured shortage of entry positions aka apprenticeshits? feel free reader to call up the local electricians' unionboy hall over on 1st street or 2nd maybe. ask them about any openings for apprenticeshit. then google 'shortage of skilled trades'

Anonymous said...

I think Howard forgot to note that China is on track to have even more stringent vehicle emission guidelines than Canada.

Maybe if we want to sell them cars we should improve our standards?

Anonymous said...

Hampton failed to note that April temperatures are cooler than average across the province, and much of the continent for that matter. Southwestern Ontario also experienced a cold and dismal Fall

You're forgetting - if it's warmer than last year then it's Global Warming. If it's colder than last year it's Climate Change. If it's the same as last year, never mind, there's always some other place making headlines for being hot, cold, wet, dry, whatever. It's very simple really once you get the hang of it.