Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting the dissemblance fix

From the Regina Leader-Post, after Al Gore's brief "Hello Springfield!" Saskatchewan flyover:

Environment Minister John Nilson said Opposition missed the point of Gore's speech, that what's happening with the globe is above politics.
Shouldn't politics be returning the favour then?


Elaine said...

Is he still around? It doesn't get more impressive than that. A CAPTIVE audience,made to attend a Goracle bullshit speech, and we get to pay for it with our tax dollars.

eng said...


When your right wingnut heads explode, it will be observed that the vacuum inside captures lots of CO2.

So we will solve two enormous problems at once.

If I say AlGore over and over, does it make you splutter and turn red in the face?


Elaine said...

...ah, no not really. I expect you glowtards to be chanting over and over again to yourselves. It is form of mind-control used by numerous odd icky cults to control their very weird weak members. Could you enlighten us on what you glowtards eat? Most cults have a special diet that deprives the brain of enzymes needed in cognitive ability. I suppose that is why you all kind of resemble those zombies from the movie, "Night of the living dead."

Elaine said...

eng, I am just sitting here freaking out. I was reading about the great London flood of '37 in the freeps. I just know it was bought on by global warming, and another one is right around the corner. I don't know if I should be building an Ark, or sandbagging around the front porch. Could you check with glowtard central and get me the game plan, on what they are doing to protect all you glowtards from drowning?