Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Food Fight - second round

It took Reg nearly a month to respond to my counter-culinary smackdown and he didn't even get it right, because the rules were no meat, as documented in comments. But never mind that and instead consider Reg's discriminatory agenda. He just lies. Vote accordingly:

Before you leave your vote in the comment section below I have a terrible news for everyone. Lisa has told me that she intends to post this Smackdown at Dust My Broom and London Fog to gather more interest in the Smackdown. Don’t buy her sweet as a Nanaimo Bar head games. Lisa is poaching these sites for more votes. I care not one whit of the quaint little foggers, my fear is of the broomers. The broomers and their leader Darcey are the Mongol Hordes of the internet. Oh I’m looking at you OMMAG, Fergy, Shere Khan and dmorris. If it wasn’t for Bob and Ulli I would be afraid to go to DMB most Friday nights. A vote for Lisa is a vote for the broomers, a vote for the broomers is a vote for anarchy. A vote for Reg is a vote for Mitchieville, a vote for Mitchieville is a vote for stable corrupt governance. The choice is clear.
Smackdown the third: Cheesy goodness. Deadline May 8th.

cp: Dust My Broom


Reg said...

Hold on here: You decide the date, the food to be cooked, accuse me of stalling for a month, call me a liar and then you excpet me to play again?

Lisa said...


You're just a sore loser. First, you broke the rules by cooking with meat. Then, you accuse me of cheating because I made Rajma instead of chili, though I challenged you to top one of my paneer dishes. You picked the Rajma and called it chili.

Hmm. You are lucky I'm willing to play again, considering you've shown yourself to be a cheater.

By the way, the deal was the loser cooks the winner dinner. I'm waiting ....

Sargon the Magnificent said...

How about a compromise in honor of world peace?

Let's have a panel of judges, say, Reg, Lisa, the Mayor, Fenris, and myself.