Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flick off Government

Apparently banning "inefficient lightbulbs" isn't good enough for the Ontario Liberals. In partnership with billionaire Richard Branson, the government is spending $500,000 of taxpayers dollars on a campaign to encourage young people to "Flick Off." The ad campaign has left many people "flicked off."

The campaign against climate change – launched Wednesday by Environment Minister Laurel Broten and billionaire Richard Branson – encourages youth to "FLICK OFF."

The slogan's font is clearly designed to make flick look like a four-letter-word. New Democrat Peter Kormos reacted by saying it "blows his flicking mind" how Broten could be involved with the campaign, which includes stickers and T-shirts.

"The minister of the environment is telling people to 'flick off,' " Kormos said. "Parents are going to be flicking embarrassed. They have enough to deal with without a minister of the environment and a government who doesn't give a flick about their children's language."

"I think it's a flicking embarrassment."
It's worse than embarrassing. It's a flicking waste of our money. Unfortunately, Kormos is more upset with the choice of slogan than the message of the campaign, which is faithfully parroted by the media each and everyday. According to the official website devoted to the scam,
We only have ten years to dramatically reduce our emissions or we're screwed.
Turn off those lights so there will be more energy for the government to produce shirts and stickers to promote awareness of the changing seasons.

cp: Dust my Broom

UPDATE: In comments at Dust my Broom, Fergy points to a Western Standard post that includes this picture of Ontario's Environment Minister:

UPDATE THE SECOND from Mike: I know I've seen that lovely, inviting face before... oh yeah! My CD rack!


Elaine said...

The dosh made off of this global warming scam is going to be a wicked haul for a few.

It is creepy how the left used to cry for the homeless and the poor in third world countries, and now they have to think up politically correct ways to rid the earth of them because they believe they are a major cause of global warming.

You want to see ugly and cruel at it's finest, you just watch the left when they feel THEIR world is being threatened.

mariposa said...

I am so fucking pissed off over these goddamn "energy-efficient bulbs" right now! I just finished watching TV London, NewPl, A-Channel - whatever the fuck they call themselves. They were talking about the mercury contained in these money-sucking losing wastes of energy and said we are not supposed to throw them in the regular garbage when they burn out. We have to transport them - at our own fucking expense - to a hazardous waste depot.

My own experience with these so-called energy savers is that they arent as dependable as regular incandescent bulbs. We've had several burn out after as little as one or two months of intermittent use. We have some light fixtures in our home that even the smallest of these bulbs won't fit into, so I guess I'm suppose to buy all new fixtures now.

These are supposed to save energy, but will we be increasing our heating costs because of the lack of heat given off by these "efficient" bulbs?

I'm going start stocking up now on incandescent bulbs and the powers that be can just kiss my ass! I'm going to use whatever goddamn bulbs I want.

We are regulated and legislated to death in this fucking country!

Mike said...

We have to transport them - at our own fucking expense - to a hazardous waste depot.

We don't have to do anything! How could an accidentally discarded bulb possibly be traced back to you?

Freedom-loving Canadians can just throw 'em in the garbage like normal. Or, failing that, inadvertently misplace them on public property on the way to the depot.

Lisa said...

How could an accidentally discarded bulb possibly be traced back to you?

Freedom-loving Canadians can just throw 'em in the garbage like normal.

Answer: Green bin / mandatory clear plastic garbage bags. Best off misplacing contraband items on public property on your way to the ration line.

Elaine said...

How much do you suppose a garbage police person is going to get paid? I was thinking on getting in on this glowtard money making scam. I don't think they will be able to count on the citizens to be snitching on each other. I am thinking they will need professional garbage police officers to suss out the enemies of the earth. We should start up a school and train people to pick through garbage to make sure no one is throwing out those light bulbs. If we are going to have a nazi-like state with the glowtards in charge, we might as well make some money off of it.

mariposa said...

Actually I should have said I have no intention of taking them to the hazmat depot since I don't intend to buy any more of them!

Some that we have bought have burnt out/quit working after a very short period of time - like a month or two. And I'm talking intermittent use - they weren't on 24/7. Has anyone else noticed that? Are there differences in quality amongst these bulbs?

I'm thinking about running a bootleg bulb (incandescent) business when the ban goes into effect - smuggle them in from the US.

libby van dyke said...

What about the health hazards of smokin' jib out of these new bulbs? You expect me to smoke my fucking jib outta these mercury bulbs? That's bad shit man! How the fuck am I gonna smoke my fucking jib outta of a mercury bulb? Now mercury is fucking deadly and I gotta smoke my fucking jib outta of a fucking mercury bulb?!?

david drake said...

Lisa beat me to the punch, but I had the same question:

"How could an accidentally discarded bulb possibly be traced back to you?"