Monday, April 30, 2007

Fantino and McGuinty run away from Caledonia

Crime is not our problem, says Police Chief Julian Fantino. Singing along to a Twisted Sister tune, Fantino said we're not gonna take it anymore:

Aboriginal land claims and issues surrounding conflicts in Caledonia and Deseronto are federal matters and there has to be a response from Ottawa, the commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police said Saturday.

Julian Fantino said the current conflicts and the potential for future ones have put a lot of pressure on OPP resources.

He also complained his force has been unfairly treated by the media and some politicians in dealing with the year-old standoff in Caledonia, south of Hamilton.

"Enough is enough now and we're just not going to take it anymore," a frustrated Fantino told reporters after addressing a meeting of the Radio-Television News Directors Association in Toronto.

"Police are neither the cause of the problem, nor are they the solution to the problem," he said.
A few weeks back, Fantino sent out an email suggesting the OPP would stop policing Caledonia, though many would argue the OPP stopped policing the town when the occupation began. But never mind Caledonia. Fantino has more important matters to concern himself with, like seatbelt violations.
Among other issues concerning his force Fantino listed traffic safety.

"Just to give you an idea," he said, in OPP patrolled highways last year, we had 444 people killed, 113 of those with no seat belts and a good number of those were impaired."

He listed "speed, alcohol, drugs and lack of respect for the rules of the road" as contributing factors to what he called "a tragedy in our highways."

The OPP is much more visible on the highways and is working to be more proactive in targeting violators, Fantino said.

"We're talking about changing people's habits and attitudes and that's going to take a while, but we're going to stay with it."
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Jake said...

Fantino is the most incompetent, bigoted, and overpaid cop in Ontario. He only got his current job because McGuinty felt bad that he was booted as Chief for the Toronto Police.

When he was the chief of London's force back in the 90's, he was the highest paid municipal police chief in all of Canada. This was totally unnecessary since London is not a major city that deals with complex or serious crime issues.

Gosnell and the council of the day hired him, despite his well-known mishandling of raids and police brutality. (eg. the raiding of the "Pussy Palace" and other gay bars in Toronto).

The Caledonia dispute is a situation that you would expect a cop like Fantino to restore order and use force. However, I think McGuinty is the one controlling Fantino's strings and that he is basically a well-paid puppet.

Mike said...

The reason they are bothering people without seatbelts is that those people are not willing to stand up for their tribal rights.

In Ontario, if you want to travel around without a seatbelt, or jaywalk, or whatever, you need to travel in a visibly armed caravan. Then you can get to where you need to be as fast as you want.

You'll be OK if you remember to brandish those weapons wherever you go, in the full confidence that the public-pension-sucking-overtime-slurping uniformed douchebags formerly known as "police" won't "escalate the situation" by trying to stop you.

Viva the failed state! Viva Fantino!