Saturday, April 14, 2007

Discretion system broken, new discretion system required

"Trial fairness has … been significantly jeopardized by the cumulative effect of these breaches," said Ontario Court Justice Deborah Livingstone.
That's OK, where there's a problem in London, there's always a new problem to be found:
"It was the whole 'unwritten' thing about the discretion system that caused the confusion," the mayor said. "So now we've written it down"


Jake said...

Our two-tier drunk driving justice system for our "personalities" is a disgrace. Trudeau's ex Maggie the bipolar whore got off on the same excuse because her "right to call a lawyer" was violated.

Sorry, but if you are piss drunk as a skunk, how the hell are you going to remember/dial the phone number of your lawyer much less be able to have a non-slurred conversation with him?

As far as I'm concerned, if it were anyone other than Dale Hunter in that courtroom, he/she would have not only lost their license, but also forced into a driver rehabilitation program, have a breathalyser installed on their car when they reclaim the license, and have to pay a hefty fine to boot.

Anonymous said...

you can be barred for life from entering the great us of a for so much as admitting pot consumption. (they equate it with hard drugs)

sooooo howcum mick & the lads with their long ago 60s bad examples and far more recent early 90s admission by kimmie kim campbell of trying the weed in university, not get them banned for life?

oh. the celebrity factor.