Friday, April 20, 2007

David Suzuki says a recession is good for the planet

David Suzuki's carbon spewing excursion across the country has ended, but his contribution to global hysteria continues:

After a cross-country tour in which he heard from thousands of people in more than 40 cities, the veteran broadcaster and author says Canadians are ready for a carbon tax that would penalize wasteful use of energy and reward efficiency.

"I think they're willing to suck it in and accept that they're going to have to pay more but they want it to be fair.

[..] Asked about government claims that meeting Kyoto targets would cause a recession, Suzuki said unchecked global warming will cost the economy more than the two world wars put together and bring about a global depression, "the likes of which we have never ever seen."
Why? Because David Suzuki says so, though his adherents don't understand how the pyramid scheme works.
Suzuki said Canadians are confused about how Kyoto works, but they understand it is an international law that Canada has signed, and they want its targets to be met.

"They don't understand the details of it, but whenever I would say in my speeches at 41 different communities, 'Canada has an obligation and we want to meet the target,' people would burst into applause, every single time."
Even Al Snore can't make that claim, thanks to climate change deniers at Concordia University. Stalin's speeches always ended in thunderous applause too, but it doesn't make his totalitarian ramblings true.

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Jake said...

So I guess the 85% of people who voted on Suzuki's website in March stating that Kyoto is a waste of time don't count?

I guess the concept of democracy doesn't fit with Suzuki's agenda.

eng said...

That must have been fun, stuffing Suzuki's ballot box.

I have never visited his site. So I would never have voted there.

With your apparent concept of democracy, are you in favour of bringing Diebold election machines to Canada?

mariposa said...

In the Freeps version of the article, David "I've got a gut-feeling" Suzuki "senses" that Canadians will accept higher costs. The article describes him as a "prominent scientist". What kind of scientists rely on gut feelings?

And now he's also a self-appointed expert economist, predicting a global depression if Canadians aren't willing to freeze to death in the dark in order to "Obey the LAW OF KYOTO". So if it's a law, does the whole country go to jail if it's broken?

What kind of people buy into his nonsense?

mark said...

I have a gut feeling that Suzuki is full of shit.