Monday, April 9, 2007

Chicken, Egg, And Goat

The evils of heteronormative culture can go into the grave. And, I can only hope and pray (to any God but the God of the Christians) that our activist dreams of Japanese Occupation (er, Liberation), victory for the Kaiser (victim of childhood trauma and possibly homosexual), and Sharia in Ontario come true. I know our activist gays, feminists, and liberal jews will be very happy in the brave new world they are creating. And I am going to watch them be happy. The social experiment that is multi-culturalism is not over yet. The laboratory apparatus is still bubbling. What ever will drip out of the condenser? Our valiant activists have created an empty space and now something is going to fill it. What will replace Christianity and Heteronormative Non-Culture culture? I cannot wait. I celebrate its birth.
Who could it be, but Fenris?