Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Carbon Disorder

With a little help from Wikipedia, Maggie's Farm accurately diagnoses Al Gore and his doomsday followers:

Carbon Dioxide Bulimia nervosa, commonly known as Gorebitchoff, is an emitting disorder. It is a psychological condition in which the subject engages in recurrent binge emitting followed by a demand for international purging. This purging is done in order to compensate for (insert imaginary global catastrophe here) and to prevent the peasants gettin' all uppity and trying to fly first class. Purging typically takes the form of rationing; inappropriate use of private jets, enemas, The United Nations, or other governments; and demanding excessive physical exercise from everybody but your porcine self.


Anonymous said...

Attacking the scientific consensus (and..yawn..yes it is a consensus) on climate change, is not doing you right-wing nut-jobs any favours.

It makes you look as blindly stupid as the 9/11 conspiracy theorists make the far left look.

We all agree enviromentalists can be irritating demagogues, but that doesn not mean one should disregard the collective wisdom of pretty much the entire scientific establishment.

Listen...why don't you stick to whinging about high-tax rates and brown-skinned immigration - and leave discussion about the enviroment to those most capable of understanding it - PEOPLE EDUCATED, TRAINED AND CONVERSANT IN SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

MapMaster said...

Dear anonymous, we congratulate you on your Solidarity with Consensus! There is a bright future for someone like yourself, possibly as a Deputy Commissar in one of our Ministry of Truth Credits.

Factious elements have tried to undermine Consensus with an idiotic fixation on minor doctrinal points like Science — for example, questioning what the Science actually is, how it is arrived at, who determines the consensus, what has been actually agreed upon, how does Science know that CO2 concentrations precede warming instead of the other way around, whether the relationship between CO2 and temperature is linear as it has been conveyed, whether the relationship is significant, why CO2 and methane only absorb small portions of radiated wavelengths but are assumed to be the only causes of warming, whether concentration of CO2 can reach a saturation point after which further concentration is redundant and could not affect temperatures, what other factors may be important in driving the climate, why climates have fluctuated in the past, and so on.

These are dangerous heresies to the Truth of Consensus that must be denounced, as you have patriotically assumed, with clever epithets like "right-wing nut-jobs" and fatuous references to "brown-skinned immigration." Consensus does not require their consent! 2 + 2 = Consensus!

Elaine said...

The only thing that has been scientifically proven by the glowtards, is how easy it is to produce mass hysteria.

Not a new phenoma. Every ten years or so another end of the world scheme comes around shakin' it's money making ass.

mariposa said...

Typical of the enviro-bullies to try, ad nauseum, to prevent any intelligent discussion by resorting to name calling like right-wing nut-jobs.

Say Anonymouse - do you include Al Gore when you're referring to "PEOPLE EDUCATED, TRAINED AND CONVERSANT IN SCIENTIFIC METHOD"? Oh that's right, he invented the Internet, didn't he!

Explain this using the "scietific method" - why are other planets in our solar system currently experiencing the same warming conditions as Earth? Ain't nobody there burning fossil fuels that I'm aware of. I promise, I did not leave my car idling on any other planets!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shouting is sometimes necessary when trying to break through the reinforced concrete of a right wing nutjob's sense of reality.

BTW. have any of you WEAK-MINDED CRETINS managed to do any research on the issue outside Fox-News and Google? Because if you had, you would realise that there are more climatoligists who believe in a Flat Earth than in your half baked conspiracy theories.

Like I said - you would all be much more fruitfully employed if you kept on wasting the rest of your life fussing about Tax Cuts. Any issue which requires you actually opening a book - drop it - it will probably make you feel a bit dizzy.

Mike said...

I think its funny how right wingers call themselves Right wingers because survey says their wrong!

Like I was listening to there God Bill Oreilly and John Mccain going on about P != NP. EXXXon and Halliburten and right wing governments have funded so called scientists to believe the lie that their are problems a diverse society cant solve in polynomial time and so we shouldnt even try. Based on what well nothing but there ideology and there "oh thank you for the check" pro American so called intuition.

When the true consensus is reached by open minds and it will be a time for reckoning and gnashing of the few teeth right wingers have in there heads!