Friday, April 13, 2007

Bad controversy! Bad! You go away!

At the moment, global warming is on hold. The hot grip of fear has released us for a time. Yes, it is cold, but more importantly, it's all about Don Imus now.

Although the certainty of manmade CO2 disasters may not preoccupy us at the moment, still, now, in these last critical 10 years before the tipping point to climate change disaster, it is ridiculous to focus on and feed trivialities such as publicity stunts by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Since we will all soon enough be baked and then drowned, surely there's not much point wasting remaining time on minutiae such as enumerating which types of people should be allowed to say which words into which microphones.

Throw off the carelessness of Jesse Jackson's youth and listen to this inconvenient truth. Courtesy The Billy, Kansas City Star reporter Jason Whitlock:

"Don Imus is irrelevant to what's going on with black people."


MapMaster said...

Here's an article by Jason Whitlock on the subject… worth reading.

Jake said...

Not that I condone what Imus said, but this whole episode has become far too overblown--as per normal-- by the media. Imus made a rather small derogatory comment (about the style of African American hair) in true perspective. It is not like he said that blacks should become slaves or executed for sleeping with whites.

Whenever a racial epithet is used by someone in the media, ten minutes later you hear the usual suspects--Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton--expressing their fake outrage over it just to have their name sprawled over the CNN news ticker. These two exploit the bigotry and economic hardship that many African Americans face more than to help purge it.

Basically, Sharpton and Jackson are media whores who have never found a television camera that they never disliked.