Monday, March 19, 2007

You say you want a revolution

What drives "throngs" of people to take to the corner of Victoria Park, if not to the streets? Oleg Atbashian, creator of The People's Cube, says it's The Gospel of John and Yoko.

And just out of curiosity, how many throngs are there in a throng in the Free Press editorial manual?


Jake said...

The Free Press exaggerated the truth about this "rally" simply to grab attention and sell more papers. Their editors love to saturate the headlines with red herrings and minuscule human interest stories all the time.

For example, drivel such as anti-capitalist city bylaws, the never-ending musings of Irene Mathyssen, and so-called "special reports" on how London can become a "Creative City" and have "Communities of Interest" makes the news almost everyday.

Meanwhile, the Freeps is totally complacent when it come to reporting real news, such as the mismanagement of City Hall. They never challenge the status-quo and basically let council have a free ride.

I'm glad the paper's editorial style is satirized daily with the London Freak Press.

Honey Pot said...

London police Const. Roy Allen, on special duty to investigate criminal activity in the Wonderland Road and Springbank Drive area, followed the truck to the apartment building at around 1 a.m.

But instead of a burglar, he found Dale Hunter, co-owner and Memorial Cup-winning coach of the London Knights hockey club.

Allen said Hunter was out of the truck parked over two spaces.

Allen added he could smell alcohol. Hunter's eyes were bloodshot and he was swaying.

But Allen didn't charge the prominent Londoner right away. Instead he called a supervisor to ask if the case needed "discretion." -london free press

Is this standard police procedure, checking on someone's standing in the community before they charge them for drunk driving? The guy got caught, charge him and be done with it. It aggravates me that this is the way things are done here in London, pisses me off. Makes the police look like they can be bought and sold.

Jake said...

Well, I guess we have a two tier justice system in London--one for us regular folk and another one for our "local personalities".

I guess if we ever find a city councilor trying to buy coke at Dundas and Richmond, we are suppose to just look the other way.

Honey Pot said...

I must admit the accused was pretty inventive when it was noted his face was whino red while being charged with drunk driving. "I wasn't drinking, I was shucking the shaft all afternoon."

I don't think they will be able to let him away with it now that the officer admitted to classism before he charged him. The grunts would have 14 cats and a kitten if he gets away with it.

Honey Pot said... is the article if anyone is interested in reading about our two-tier justice system in London

Honey Pot said...

Yesterday, the former NHLer, currently under suspension for five games in the Ontario Hockey League, faced two drunk driving charges stemming from what both the Crown and defence described as a "novel" set of circumstances. -lfp

I will tell you what was novel about it. The cop who stopped him, didn't realize that the accused had a get out of jail pass for life because of who he is.

Yes we all believe this is the first time the accused got in his truck pissed as a newt, and drove.

Maybe they could use the defense he was allergic to shucking his shaft, and it caused his blood alcohol level to raise.