Sunday, March 18, 2007

Why Tear Gas, Tasers, And Sharp-Toothed Dogs Were Invented

The first of a five-part documentary on Montreal's notorious Concordia University, "the viper's nest of anti-semitism".

HT The Mayor.


Anonymous said...

The video says that the radicals at Concordia have "contempt for Western democratic values", yet they hold power through the means of an entirely legitimate Western-style democratic election.


This use of democratic power to perpetrate evil is another indication that democracy is "the god that failed".

Like the democracies of Canada, France, USA, or any other country sharing "western democratic values", the students of Concordia are forced - on pain of expulsion - to surrender their money and their campus to any group which is able to exploit the democratic system to grab power. In fact it is the democratic institution itself, even when it is blatantly corrupted and dysfunctional, which is both the reason and the basis for seizing power. If this sham of "empowering" students didn't exist, there would be no possibility of anyone grabbing that power and using it corruptly.

Private property, and all liberties associated with it, are the only reasonable antidote to such corruption and violence. You will notice for example that at private vocational schools, such as various computer academies, there is no "democratic" student council, and therefore there is no political chaos and violence. The training academy, its buildings, curriculum, etc. are acknowledged to be the private property of the owners of the academy. The students voluntarily exchange their money, which is their private property, for training at the academy. They receive what they pay for, no more and no less, and both parties benefit from the voluntary exchange of training for money.

Contrast this with the "democratic" public university. Taxpayers are forced at gunpoint to subsidize these institutions (but it's OK because this is a "Western democratic value", right?) After they have accepted public money then the universities and their curricula, hiring and acceptance policies, research fields, teaching methods, etc. become the plaything of the whichever group was able to game the federal and provincial political system in order to seize power. That's why there is so much bogus teaching and research going on at public universities, and why the salaries, benefits, job security, etc. are so out of whack at these institutions compared to the private sector.

And students, since their tuition covers only a part of the cost of their education, have lost the power to determine what curriculum, teaching methods, etc. they would like to receive. But in a sham of "empowering" the students, they are forced to contribute even more money to a "democratic" student council whose goals and methods are irrelevant if not antagonistic.

And note that the dispute at the heart of this problem at Concordia is between two democratic entities - Israel and Palestine. No amount of "bringing democracy" to the Middle East (or to Canada) will fix this problem. The democratic leaders of all of these countries, and of the universities and the student councils, actually thrive on war and conflict - because it is not their personal property which is endangered, and because they will be able to seize even more money and power under the guise of solving the "emergency" created by the conflict.

That is why democracy may not be "the worst except for all other political systems".

One more thing: ever wonder why a university which is largely supported by tax money confiscated at gunpoint should be named "Concordia"? That's classic Newspeak.

Honey Pot said...

See the problem is that they are mistaking Canadian democracy for stupidity. Well maybe it isn't a mistake on their part, because there is some truth to it. It never ceases to amaze me how hate and oppression,the cornerstones of islam, are tolerated in a supposedly democractic thinking country. islam is a threat against freedom in the world, and for some reason, we're suppose to ignore that. Why everyone is pretending islam is anything other than a tool to oppress and control is beyond me.