Friday, March 2, 2007

What about the children? Aren't they also part of the "community?"

According to CTV, the Richmond BC fire department is planning a change to its hiring practices that will discriminate against white males:

The Richmond, B.C. fire department is reportedly planning a major overhaul of its hiring policy by populating its ranks exclusively with women and minorities over the next five years.

The Richmond Review obtained a two-page internal document that reads: "We would see this as an ongoing initiative until the community is aptly represented in the department."
First the fire department, and next hospitals. The best interests of the "community" are served by hiring firefighters who can put fires out. I doubt there is anyone in Richmond who cares whether the fire person is heteronormative, green, black, yellow or gay when it comes to saving their house from burning to the ground. And burn down it will, if hiring is based on diversity and equality, rather than the ability to get the job done.


Jake said...

I'd like to see a fire squadron made up of 5' tall, 100 lbs Chinese women try to rescue an unconscious 6'3" tall, 240 lb former university football quarterback from a twenty storey apartment building. I guarantee you the City of Richmond would be served with a lawsuit the day after the funerals.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, very few 6'3" 240lbs quarterbacks reside in Richmond. Also, there are very few 20-storey apartment buildings in Richmond since the whole city is built on a flood plain. Lawsuits smallsuits. Many people in Richmond eat lawsuits for breakfast.
Nice scare tactic though.
Seriously, many Lower Mainland crews in all the service sectors do not have much in the way of societal representation. It might be an asset, particularly dealing with people who will/can not speak to a man, or to people who do not understand English or French.
If any person can pass the tests, I say put them on the list to be called up when there is an opening.
What's wrong with competent small people?
Nice scare tactic though.

Jake said...


Who said that scenario is a scare tactic? Look, I'm just being realistic about having an "affirmative action" hiring policy when it comes to something serious like public safety.

If a short, Asian women can do the same work as a 6' tall, 220lb male firefighter I say kudos--but I'm a little skeptical.

Who cares if Richmond has no high rise apartments or is built on a flood plane? How do you know that there aren't a lot of 240 lbs, 6'3" tall men in Richmond?--did you work in Richmond for the census bureau last spring?

The point is this: Many other cities, like London (that has many high rises and big men), could easily impose this racial/sexist quota system.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous to 250 lb. white male firefighter who is trying to rescue him from a burning 2-story building:

"I'm sorry but since you're not an accurate representation of society I choose to remain here and burn to a crisp."

Nice communist though.

Jim said...

Here's what RFR is planning to do. If they are hiring 10 people and lets say they get 200 applications.Out of the 200 say 50 pass all the tests and are ranked on their times and abilities from 1 to 50. Then they are suggesting that if the top 10 are white males and there is a minority at 12th ,16th 23rd and a 2 women at 43rd and 48th positions they will get the jobs over the 6th,7th,8th,9th and 10th place white males who are better qualified for the job.This isn't right and if it was reversed there would be an out roar from the female and minority groups.
Have you ever seen the Firefighters combat challange on T.V. ? Ever wonder why the women have their own catagory and don't compete against the men? Its because the best womens time is takes longer than the worst mens time. They just can't compete against the men as in hockey,football and track & field etc. They don't force the Vancouver Canucks to hire a cross section of society in Vancouver or do they say that all the High Tec companies(computer industries)in Richmond had better stop hiring mostly Asains and get some more white men to better represent a cross section of the community. No it's just the Fire and Police departments that have this discriminatory rule shoved down their throats. Ask yourself, who would you want to do your opperation? A minority women who finished 48th out of 50 or a white male that finished 1st. The same applies to who do you want to get you out of that burning vehicle thats all smashed up and the 70 lb. jaws of life are needed to pry your door open. You look out and see 130 lb women that might get it done in 7 minutes or a 230 lb. man that will get it done in 2 minutes.Your choice,select one! How's your affirmative action now that your life is on the line. The women will do it but who will do it faster(remember the combat challange!). The same applies to a house fire or in climbing up 20 stories of stairs wearing a 100 lbs. of equipment and carrying another 50 or more lbs. Lets give your heads a shake and just say let the best person have the job ,be it a man ,women or minority. No fire fighter would have a problem with that but if you go any other route then you are going to create resentment in the ranks as it is unfair to partner up a 130 or even a 170 pound women with a 230 or more lb. much larger man and say that she still has the same chance of dragging him out as he does of getting her out of a dangerous situation. The job doesn't get done properly as no one wants to put their life at risk with # 48th on the list when they could be with #1.
I have been a firefighter for over 30 years and I have no problem working with the best person for the job,(A combination of the Smartest,Strongest,Fittest and most Fearless person who won't hesitate to put their life on the line to save mine),if it happens to be a women or minority then so be it but no special treatment please,no body should have to compromise when it comes to their safety.It just so happens that more times than not its going to be a man because thats mostly who applies for the job and that's the way that nature has made it.And by the way, there are alot of highrises in Richmond and many more to be built....Been there done that!

mariposa said...

Female point of view - quotas are a form of discrimination. I have a friend in BC - he and his wife are both RCMP officers. RCMP standards are lower for women and minorities in order to fill quotas. Why is it ok to discriminate against white males? And yes, I want the best PERSON for the job - whoever that is. Quotas just breed mediocrity, which is what communism is all about.