Monday, March 5, 2007

Quote of the day

Joseph Epstein in the Wall Street Journal:

When I was a boy, my father, the late political philosopher, Maurice Aristotle Machiavelli Montesquieu de Tocqueville Epstein, took me aside to explain that in the Chicago aldermanic races of the day, candidates were spending as much as a quarter of a million dollars to acquire jobs that would pay them an annual salary of $15,000. "Think about this, son, and let me know what you conclude," he said, walking off with a sly smile. He was of the peripatetic school of philosophy, my father.


Honey Pot said...

Hey do something with this. Connect the dots, it is an eye opener. A local Taliban Jack worhshipping lad who his getting his ass kicked to the curb by the ndp.

Looks like the poor bastard is going to have join the liberals.

MapMaster said...

Word from Rempelia Prime:

All you [fill in the blanks] currently cheering over [McClelland]'s predicament should take some time to mull over what you will do when Star Chamber Jay shows up at your electronic doorstep. 'Cause you may not be an anti-semite, but the Liberal Party still thinks you are a racist anti-immigration anti-indian neo-nazi white supremacist separatist sack of shit. You can become as boring, as bland, and as uninteresting as you like. It won't matter: Jason hates you more than he could ever hate an ND.

Honey Pot said...

Yes you are right. I just found it so comical, and they are still carrying on about it. Nothing quite as comical as watching two pussy-wupped lefties take at each other.

I do find them strange creatures.

MapMaster said...

I agree, it is funny. McClelland once offered to give us either "uppercuts to the head" or "kicks to the groin." I offered in return to let him buy me beer, but I never heard back.