Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pay, or I'll release the CO2 demons!

Via Tim Blair, hostage taking on a global scale posing as an EBay auction:

This is simple, show your concern for global warming and your love of nature by paying to keep a tree alive. If a tree does not sell it dies, I will cut it down and burn it releasing all the carbon it has stored. So save a tree or help heat the world, your choice.

Trees number 1 and 3 are dead. The Auctions ended and nobody cared enough to save a tree so now they are dead. When they dry out and their poor little leaves turn brown and start to fall off I will burn them adding all the carbon they had locked up in their brief lives to the atmosphere. I hope you are happy.

Also, as it costs money to list these trees if nobody bids on this tree I will kill it and trees 4 and 5. 5 is just a baby but I will kill it anyway, I will rip it up by the roots and let it die slowly in the sun. If somebody bids to save tree number 2 then I will list 4 and 5 so they will have a chance. It is up to you now.
Although this auction is over, you can still send Fenris your money. Be the change you want to see.

Come on, goddammit, be it already.


Ian Scott said...


On a more serious note, have you taken the time to read the so called "science" in regard to Global Warming?

I know a lot of GW skeptics (myself included, on some points) have read the critiques - it seems that some accept the critiques based on "partisan" trust, ie... "that scientist promotes capitalism, so we'll take his word for it..."

I'm just wondering upon what exactly, your own beliefs, either way, are based upon.



Mjölnir said...

When I first saw this I figured what a great idea, better than mine even!

But, even though that last minute surge in bids is not happening and I'm stuck with that old 27" CRT TV for awhile yet,my ideas is at least getting some bids!

MapMaster said...

For $2.47, I expect all you'll have to do is wait an extra day before mowing the lawn.

I'm thinking of selling a Do-It-Yourself Carbon Offset franchise opportunity.

Mike said...

I'm just wondering upon what exactly, your own beliefs, either way, are based upon.

My bullshit detector.

Mjölnir said...

Well, disappointing, but I was surprised it even got a bid, really.

Since it didn't make the $5 I don't really have to a lot, so I'll hold off on the next good whiffer I feel building up.

Now heres a question, if I fart in bed and it gets soaked up by the sheets, (sequestered) it is still an emission?