Thursday, March 29, 2007

On Indiscrimination

Today's L3 (Lazy LGF Link) is this fascinating speech by comedian Evan Sayet on March 5 at the Heritage Foundation, on "How Modern Liberals Think". This is an original take on themes in, say, Rand's "Cult of Moral Grayness".

Well worth the whole 35 minutes.


Honey Pot said...

Excellent, and oh so true.

This morning in the national post there was a letter to the editor. The letter stated that if a prisoner of the muslim faith were made to wear a crucifix, or a symbol of any other faith other than islam, that there would be rioting in the streets by the left here in the western world.

Not a wimper is made by the left western world when Faith Turney is made to wear the oppressive rag of islam on her head. The islamic propoganda film made by the terrorist country of iran, is seen as A-OK by the left. Something wrong with this picture.

This would be a real good time for the left to hold another pro-terrorist rally in Victoria Park. Go for it you stupid fuckwits.

Paul McKeever said...

An excellent speech. There was little with which to disagree. And, I think, it dealt with a fair bit of the moral grayness against which Freedom Party directs its efforts. Thus our party slogan, "Let's be Frank: Some things ARE Black and White".

Thanks for posting it Mike.

Paul McKeever
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

Anonymous said...

You two would make a nice couple...potty mouthed as she is.

Anonymous said...

Great post. It was worth the 35 min.