Friday, March 23, 2007

The nature of the game

Gagdad Bob:

The leftist yields to the temptation of power as a result of the rejection of objective truth. That is, truth is the most important societal value. It is the non-coercive glue that binds humanity together.

If truth is undermined or relativized in any way, then we have lost our ability to appeal to something outside human whim, and therefore, barbitrary power. Thus, the only way for the leftist to succeed in his will to power is to first confuse us with pseudo-sophisticated intellectual temptations such as deconstruction, moral relativism, and multiculturalism. Once these are embraced, there is a "bait and switch," for there is no way to determine the truth.

--What are you?

--Oh, I have so many names...

For the secular left, truth is "multiple" -- if such a luciferian notion may be conceived -- and no truth is privileged. This creates the massive void into which the leftist asserts his power. This is why the most intellectually unfree places in all of America are leftist university campi.

Step one: all truth is relative. Step two: my truth is absolute. Step three: I control what is permissible to think.
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