Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Moving forward in the ration line

If Irene Mathyssen really wanted to "move forward", she would lobby for an end to lobbying with public funds, but of course, that would mean she would lose her $147,700 a year position as ration advisor, though she could likely resume her role as diversity educator for the Thames Valley Board of Education:

(LFpress) Buying sex should be illegal, modelling agencies should be regulated and police and social agencies must work together more effectively to fight human trafficking in the sex trade.

So says a report from a House of Commons committee that has London advocates determined to push Ottawa to act on its recommendations.

The report by the Standing Committee on the Status of Women was tabled last week, but some observers fear it'll collect dust as the misery of women caught in the sex trade continues.

"We need a commitment from government to actually move on it," London MP Irene Mathyssen said yesterday.

The London-Fanshawe New Democrat was vice-chair of the committee that produced the report with more than 30 recommendations for legislative, regulatory and operational changes.
Hey, I'm a woman! but apparently I don't count unless I am a "victim" or a lobbyist for victims. What about the misery I experience when a significant chunk of my weekly wages are stolen from me, a portion of which goes to these twits so they can write reports about activities that are never going to disappear, no matter how many attempts are made to regulate and control them. It should be apparent by now to the ballot box crowd that ultimately these professional advocates are more concerned with their weekly wage than they are with yours, for if they really cared, they would get a real job and actually help people in need out of the goodness of their own wallet and time. In the meantime, they will continue to help themselves to yours.


Jake said...

The Freeps' media darling should become a full time columnist. Can't go two days without having to read Irene about something

Pimpy D-Progress said...

What about the misery I experience when a significant chunk of my weekly wages are stolen from me

Bitch who you think protectin you on tha street an in tha workplace when you goes out to make yo money? Girl it aint safe out there, there is racist and sexist and homophobic all lookin to call people names n traumaticize workin bitches an shizzle. You think you can jus go out there on yo own without somebody lookin out for you wit programs an advocacy studies an proactive solutions?

How about some respect and thanksomeness for Irene Mathyssen an her posse cause they lookin out for you girl. Maybe you got to pay her part of what you makes but when you see dat limousine pull up an you hand over tha money maybe you should keep in mind whos lookin out for you sweet cheeks.

Peace out.

Thucydides said...

The Taliban and the Hell's Angels are far more direct than our friend Irene, but the end result is the same.

Why should we let twits like Mathyssen get a cut of the protection money when it would be simpler and cheaper to cut out the middleman?

Nerf Man! said...

Pimpy you jive talkin mofo. Don't be steppin' up in Lisa's grill talkin' shit.