Sunday, March 4, 2007

"Mini Y2K" predicted

HORRORS! Recent changes to the daylight-rationing schedule could mean you might have to reset your time-pieces manually!! (HT: Drudge)

Rockford Register Star:

It’s been compared to a “mini Y2K” — some electronic devices will be confused by the new date for daylight-saving time.

Although it’s more of a nuisance than a catastrophe in the making, older computers, PDAs and DVRs may not automatically update their times when daylight-saving comes three weeks early this year — on March 11.

The date change was established by the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, which was passed to get Americans to cut energy consumption. The thinking is that less energy will be used toward the end of the day if the sun’s out later.

For years, most of the nation has set clocks ahead on the first Sunday of April.

[..] Consumers can prepare for the change by using a rule of thumb: If a computer or device is a bit older, it may not correct the time automatically.

[..] Insight Communications customers with DVRs won’t miss any recorded programming. The recorders should pick up the new time automatically, said Joe Browning, Insight’s technical operations manager.
If you miss your favorite CBC program, or if you are forced to figure out how to change the time on your computer, you have only yourself to blame for failing to upgrade to more energy efficient equipment. Check with your local and federal governments because you might be eligible for green subsidies to offset this potential crisis.

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There are only 6 shopping days remaining to stock up on canned food and bottled water before the crisis disappoints us.


mariposa said...

Oh yeah, remember the original Y2K? All the power and water shortages, looting in the streets, and chaos on the stock market! No, I don't remember it either 'cause it didn't happen. The same chicken littles that are warning of a mini Y2K are the same ones that warned us of the original no-show. And they're the same doom predictors that are warning of an environmental end of the world. YAWN. I actually know people who stockpiled water and bought a generator because of the Y2K propaganda. It made me laugh at the time - it still does. People will believe anything if you put in a newspaper and call it a fact.

Honey Pot said...

Was listening to Irene the ndper on the radio this morning fretting about the global warming thing again. Irene stated,70% of our private residences are not insulated properly. Irene sees it as a make work project for the government. I don't think she realizes that someone has to pay for all this shit. Of course she doesn't, afterall she does belong to the ndp party.

If Irene is so worried about global warming, why in hell would she be wanting to insulate everyone's homes? They won't need it. We will be all running around in dried grass skirts, cutting cactus with our bayonets to get a drink, so the story goes according to Prophet Suzuki, and the great Goracle.

Irene was doing a shill for this Bullfrog power seller company, and it didn't make any sense. It is like those poor fools who believe bottled water comes from some magical mineral spring in the moutains, when most of us know it just bottled tap water.

Irene went on about how her office and home were heated with Bullfrog green energy, and how we should all be doing it. No mention of the price of this bullfrog green energy. The price of the stuff never came up. Why would Irene mention the price of the green power, not like she personally has to pay for it. You, me and every other working stiff has to pay to keep Irene feeling like she is doing her part for the environment. Irene left out the part where the ndp are working towards eliminating the lower socioeconomic classes jobs in her green plan. That can't be talked about.

I have a message for you from the grunts Irene. You can take your bullfrog and stick it up your ass. Most of us struggle to pay our utilitiy bills every month, and don't have the luxury of sucking off the taxpayers tit, and having someone else pay our way as you, and the two infamous scammers Goracle and Prophet Suzuki do.

Irene went on how Bullfrog power,a non-profit power supplier, only buys green energy, wind power and low impact hydro. I always likened that word non profit, to winning the lottery. Make a whack of money but you don't have to claim it. Of course they are making a profit or they wouldn't be doing it, you idiot.

I found out Bullfrog doesn't make green power, they apparently just buy it and sell it to you. Irene states that bullfrog power only buys green power, and she is positive that they just don't use the same old stuff off the grid that the rest of us use.

Of course we know there is one born every minute, but I bet there is empirical evidence out there that will tell you they all grow up to ndpers.

Bullfrog only buys green energy???? Perhaps they should rename their company BULLSHIT. They have no idea where that power is coming from, you can bet your booties some nuke and some coal power gets slipped in there.

Jake said...

Hey Honey Pot,

If you despise Irene "Lady in Red" Mathyssen's pseudo-environmentalism, you should read my new post. I tear her a new one.

Honey Pot said...

I don't despise her, I just shake my head trying to figure out how these real dumb females get in a position to come up with more dumb ideas.

You would think you would have to pass some sort of a test to see if you could count past ten without taking your shoes and socks off.

No work means no economy, means people starving and getting all pissy and causing chaos. I don't understand how they don't seem capable of grasping that concept. If they can come up with real jobs, that pay real money that fit into their green scheme, we can talk green, until then shut your gobs.