Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 172


MARCH 17: Protest War AND Climate Change on the 4-Year Anniversary of the Iraq War.

Hundreds of communities throughout the US, and the world, will be holding events on March 17-19, to mark the 4-year anniversary of the Iraq war. We urge environmentalists and climate change activists to attend the protest on the upcoming 4-year anniversary of the Iraq war.

Victoria Park at Richmond and Central at 12:30pm.
Double billing, now?

A protest that's against victory for the Iraqi and Afghani governments AND against climate change is kind of like a double-scoop ice cream cone with French vanilla on the bottom AND regular vanilla on top. In another way, maybe it's like a Star Trek convention announcing the news that George Takei will be appearing by videolink, IN ADDITION TO the already scheduled guy who got eaten by an alien or something in episode #272 of ST:TNOS.

On the London stop of the tour, did Weather Control have to "open" for Anti-War to get organizers interested in the prospect of attracting a sufficient crowd to the show? It's as if Anti-War were losing market share to that upstart, Weather Control -- in London, if nowhere else.

I'm not the best at Internet, but they help me at the library. No matter how much I searched over the past week, there was nothing about this event until today. That was odd since mid-March is a traditional time of protest, and it's happening in other cities across Canada and the US. Celeb watchers are abuzz about Cindy Sheehan's live performance at the Pentagon, scheduled for the same day. So you'd expect something here.

Finally, there's an announcement, and it turns out to be a "big tent" protest. Maybe it took the #1 issue of our time to get people interested.

Why have pro-weather-control rallies in the snow, or even in blissful weather such as we had today, when there's a rich vein of a war anniversary? And there already was a weather rally not a week prior. Wouldn't the infernal humidity of our late July provide a more convincing setting for a global journey to hell than our occasionally beautiful mid-March?

Why muddle the message of March 17?

UPDATE: "People should please note that the start time of the rally has been moved up from 1:00 to 12:30 in order to accomodate people going to the Cuba film at 2:00!"

The big red tent gets even bigger! Anti-War, Weather Control, and Beleaguered Communist Paradise, all in one package!

Come on out and see the protest. We'll be there, along with Fenris Badwulf and the Mayor of Mitchieville.


Honey Pot said...

On St. Patrick's day! Please don't tell me they are doing their 2 for 1 protest on such a holy day. Are they trying to suggest the leprechaun is on the endangered species list because of global warming? I don't know about this year, but last year at the bar, there were tons of them running around trying to cop a feel after a few jugs of that green beer.

It won't work, that trying to splice the two causes together. Though they both have similar traits,left and looney, they just won't gel. It is like putting Hamass and alQada' together, both are murdering barbaric animals who adhere to the death cult of islam, but after they are done killing all the infidels, they will want to kill each other, and there will be no one left for the cause.

I remember they tried that on the daytime soap operas. They took actors from "Days of Our Lives" and "All my Children", had them going back and forth between the two shows. It was just so damn confusing, and you couldn't figure out who was screwing who, who died and then came back to life after five years, or if their grandmother was really their uncle who had a child with his sister. Lots of inbreeding going on in those shows, but it was just too much screwing and coming back to life for the viewing audience, and both shows sort of lost their appeal to the people with no lives.

Honey Pot said...

The plan is to keep it simple this time around. A few speakers on opposing war and/or climate change, as informally as possible. Maybe a march around the block. It is the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, coupled with a growing awareness of global warming, and the Kyoto Accord. So anything along that line is appropriate. Be creative!-Anthony V London Commons


Be creative...let me help them out some. A polar bear dressed as a leprechaun, carrying a BFG with a bloodied rubber chicken dangling off the end of it.

It really doesn't sound to me like they are in to it. Half of them don't even know what they are suppose to be protesting, more than likely the majority are just stoners they picked up in the parking lot at Western. Be a pain in the nuts spending every weekend out protesting one freak cause or another. Come on you guys, get a life, go get a 24 and drink yourself shitface, afterall it is St. Patrick's day.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of getting a life ... sound advice the above poster should take immediately if not sooner.

Honey Pot said...

Now Anon, I want you to try and be nice at the terrorist supporters/glowtard rally tomorrow. Take all that stuff about killing suv drivers and business owners out of your music. It is just too creepy. You don't want everyone to fear you do you, and know you don't have both oars in the water? Write a soulful lament about the earth melting like an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day. You'll be farther ahead if you come across as a kind and gentle vegetable for the glowtard cause. Face it, the eco-terrorist have no power. It is best you come across as benevolent and harmless if you want new recruits for the tree-hugging, leaf-eating new purtians.

Honey Pot said...

According to the free press it turned out to be just a terrorist supporter rally, and nothing more. Except for the declaration of be kind to the AWOL's. I just can't work up any smypathy for them. You would think they would want to be sort of low key. So you are a coward and you can't cut it, not something you would want to be letting the whole world know.

Not a mention of the glowtard's. Though it was cold and the picture in the free press had the 20 people with their hoods up and mittens on. Maybe the glowtards cancelled their protest because of the chilly weather.

Just another boring day in Victoria Park.

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