Saturday, March 3, 2007

London may have hope or: How I Learned Bernie MacDonald is Dumb

Upon reading todays London Free Press, I glanced over to the dreaded "Letters to the Editor" which typically display a complacent view of the goings on at City Hall and beyond. To my surprise, today was different.

Almost all of the articles were a harsh critique about Bernie MacDonald and his recent proposal to make property owners pay for others criminal vandalism. Here are a few samples:

...Bernie MacDonald and his colleagues may want their legacy to be a totally vacant downtown as they strive to come up with another way to tax businesses and potentially drive them away.

...Councillor Bernie MacDonald yet again provides proof of the adage a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. He knows a little bit about graffiti and a little bit about creating laws and we wind up with a ban on the implements of graffiti.

...London City Hall should clean up its own backyard first before pointing its accusing finger at local business owners for the graffiti problem.

...Since the police are apparently powerless to act against those who perform these disfiguring acts, or are not interested, councillors' pathetic solution is to make the victim responsible.

...Imagine my shock when I woke up Monday morning in a parallel universe, a universe that includes the London that I've lived in for more than a decade. However this one is a lot different from the one I chose to come to in the early 90's. Common sense and decency have given way to the ridiculous and the sublime.

...How depressingly familiar it all is. And we are stuck with this bunch of unimaginative 'leaders' for four years!

...To all city councillors who are even considering voting in favour of this nonsense, go back to your parallel universe where everything is backwards. In my world you're playing stupid, and unfortunately you're winning.
Wow, maybe Londoners have finally waken up to the conclusion that we're run by a bunch of power-hungry, narcissistic morons. Too bad the municipal election was four months ago and the next one is about three and a half years away. Oh well, I guess it's better late or never.

At least one wise Londoner has gone to the lengths of creating a website dedicated to the follies of councilor Bernie MacDonald and his 26 years of ineptitude.


Temujin said...

Hmmmm... six members of London Fog... seven comments in the LFP...

Come on folks, 'fess up. It was all you, wasn't it? :-)

Lisa said...


I don't think Temujin's comment was meant to be taken seriously. As for reading the letters in their entirety, I'm sure he didn't feel the need to, as you highlighted the relevant parts.

Jake said...

Lisa, I guess you're right. But I'm not that good at distinguishing between seriousness and sarcasm. Oh well.

Temujin said...

Perhaps I need to make my sarcasm a bit more obvious!

All in good fun, Jake.

Justin said...

The same comprehensive study on graffiti that MacDonald cited as part of his push to ban implements actually documented the ineffectiveness of age-focused bans, yet did cite the effectiveness of holding property owners' responsible for the maintenance of their properties. Maybe he went back and actually read the entire thing. A lot of buildings downtown sit empty and in disrepair due to absentee landlords (*cough* Farhi *cough*) allowing them to go to shit.