Tuesday, March 27, 2007

London Free Press advertises for Green Party

Not that the Free Press is placing their chips on the Green Party… it's more like a fuzzy pet the Free Press is quite happy to coddle to its fuzzy ideological bosom. Pragmatically, the Free Press is much more interested in those parties that can wield actual power in the name of fuzzy ideology.


Jake said...

Ever since Elizabeth May ran last fall, the Freeps is trying to promote fringe parties that stand no chance of winning.

Tommorow night's breaking news headline will ask for candidates to run for The Canadian Action Party. The day after they will report that the Marxist-Leninist will hold there nomination in a basement apartment on Dundas Street.

Honey Pot said...

I should go for that. I am a sort of a greenie. I do it because I am cheap, has nothing to do with global warming.

I liked that Lizzie-May. Misguided she may be, but not all full of doom and gloom. She is not retarded like the Goracle and Prophet Suzuki. I notice she distanced herself from those two wing wangs.

I am sort of interested on who they will run in the lnc for the ndp. That young pup Maynard ran away to the Fanshawe riding to hide under Irene's skirts.

I don't even think the ndp would be that stupid to try and run Weasel Walker again.

Doesn't matter who the left run, Vandaman is going to win it for the conservatives. The left is scaring the hell out of everyone with their worship of the glowtards, and being way too cozy with terrorist factions.

Jake said...

I'd say in the next federal vote that the only non-Tory in SW Ontario will be either Glen Pearson or Irene. Sue is pretty much toast in London West (I wouldn't be surprised if she resigned before the next election).

London Fanshawe will be fairly tight between the three big parties since the riding includes some of the poorest areas of London along with newer suburban areas. London North-Centre is of similar composition demographically as well.

Anonymous said...

I have a comp sci background.

in the early 90s the concept of 'fuzzy logic' was introduced. I could never get a handle on it, demanding to know if the conditions matched exactly, and the rules did not change, digital logic would dictate the result would be identical; predicatability is the cornerstone of automatic systems.

I could never get a satisfactory answer. 'fuzzy logic' was relegated to the recesses of the academe which love to toy with unique concepts and tangents and extremes.

anyway, interesting times we are in !!

Honey Pot said...

I think you are wrong about that Jake. I have had lots of folks in the area of lnc saying they like Pearson, he has a good heart, but he is more interested in taking care of people in a far away land than he is about his riding. That is all fine and dandy, and I admire him for it too, but lnc people aren't willing to give up a seat at the table for it.

They need the area cleanned up, and someone with some business sense in their noggin to be able to do that. That would rule out Pearson, and any ndp candidate they find to run. The green vote last election was more of a vote against Weasel Walker, than it was for the green party. Haskett didn't get in, because the people in lnc saw her as a snob, and remembered she didn't do diddly for the area when she was in as mayor.

Vandeman sort of has that Fred Flintstone look and way about him. People in lnc can relate to that. He will win.