Monday, March 5, 2007

Like comparing Apples and Oranges

Today, yet again, the Free Press continues their skewed editorial policy of interviewing only NDP MP Irene Mathyssen on federal affairs. Like all of her attention grabbing schemes, it involves telling people what is best for them--since Londoners can't possibly think for themselves. The article deals with her telling others to convert to the Kyoto bandwagon.

She has made changes to her lifestyle to curb emissions now -- and she'll challenge other MPs, MPPs and municipal leaders to do the same this morning at a news conference.
Mathyssen seems to have had a "revelation" similar to other pseudo-environmentalists like David Suzuki and has become a preacher for the Kyoto faith. Her awakening involved purchasing indulgences known as "Bullfrog Power" to compensate for her carbon sinning past:
Last week, she switched the power provider for her constituency office on Dundas Street East to Bullfrog Power, which makes energy from clean, renewable sources such as wind and water.
Unfortunately, the reality is that the power coming to her office is still made from the same old fossil fuel energy as before--the only difference is that an extra premium is being paid for it. Not only that, but taxpayers are subsidizing for her new found religious beliefs:

The extra cost is about $1 a day, which will come out of her office budget.

[Also], Mathyssen rents an apartment that's also powered by the green-friendly company.
Like all socialist, Irene tries to think what is best for society--just as long as she doesn't have to foot the bill. But she has some more ideas on how to live a "greener", more fulfilling life:
"If we are more thoughtful about what we drive (and) how often, the temperature in our homes, what we choose to eat -- then we can stop adding to our environmental footprint,"

"I think about the fuel that we use, and I try not to have any wasted trips, but I'm very cognizant of that," Mathyssen said.
Well Irene, it's good to know we have someone who is worrying about how much fuel we use, what food we consume, and how we travel. I guess these daily choices are too important for individuals to decide. However, I found this last part of this column a little odd:
She's done other things, too, that she wants all parliamentarians and leaders across the country to consider -- little things, like using green technology for pamphlets and election signs, walking to work or -- in Southwestern Ontario, anyway -- drinking local apple juice every morning instead of orange juice imported from California.
I find Mathyssen's position on not consuming orange juice a little hypocritical. I did a bit of investigating on Google and this intriguing photo showed up. It features a smiling Irene Mathyssen pouring cups of orange juice.

I guess if Mathyssen wants to avoid being a hypocrite--like the rest of her pseudo-environmentalist friends--she should practice what she preaches. I wonder how many carbon credits she will have to purchase to make up for her ego?

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Honey Pot said...

Not only the orange juice, which I some how doubt were grown in Canada, but what about the gold on or her finger and neck. Did Irene go gold panning on foot in the Yukon to get that? How about the clothes? are they Canadian, woven from sheep's wool on a spindle? The hair dye, and makeup how was that made? and where? Friggen morons working towards making us a third world country.

Irene do you actually believe if we become a third world country that anyone is going to be sending us aid? For christsake' Canada is so dumb we send money to China, and they don't need it. They could look after their own people if they weren't so fucking mean. No one is going to do anything for us, we got to keep a strong economy. So it is best you guys fuck right off with your little house on the Prarie idea.