Monday, March 26, 2007

Joni Baechler wants to get Aides

London councilor Joni Baechler and her colleagues wants taxpayers to cover for their inability to do the job we already pay them $31,414 a year to do. What is her so-called solution? She wants aides:

Baechler, Judy Bryant and Susan Eagle [want to use] a portion of their travel budgets to hire summer students. Newcomer Nancy Branscombe will join them this year.

So what exactly is Baechler's rationale for misspending more of taxpayers money?
Today, in a ward half the size, Baechler can barely keep up with e-mails -- hundreds a day when a hot issue's on the table, such as pesticides or smoking.
Ahh, now I get it. Baechler wants to hire more staff, not to better serve her constituents or to be more efficient, but to assist in her self-serving interests. Having aides allows Baechler to dedicate more time towards her real agenda: nanny-state, pseudo-environmentalist causes such as pesticides and smoking bylaws.

But there is another motive for Baechler to get aides:
"All I'm talking about is a summer student to help, especially when I'm away on vacation," Baechler said.
I guess you deserve a long one after all of your hard work in micro management.


MapMaster said...

My first reaction was: they get travel budgets!?! They're ward councillors, for crying out loud — give 'em a bus pass, that ought to take care of any travel they need to do for the job.

Gosnell almost hit it right on this one, except he forgot that councillors think they're too busy because there's too much city hall, not too much city.

Honey Pot said...

I somehow doubt if they get 100's of emails. Perhaps 25 and they would be all from the same person, like Mr. Everyone is getting ran over by cars in London.

It is just nuts, that they are going for more money to hire thier kids to do their work during summer holidays.

Not that a grade 8 wouldn't have more math skills then they do, it is just that it makes less work for the do nothings. Every work place has about a 75 percent do nothing workforce. More than likely it is a higher percentage at city hall. How about those two human rights watchdogs they have watching each other, with contempt. Couldn't they be given a job answering the phones or emails for the do nothing councilors? They are getting paid enough, they might as well make use of them.

mariposa said...

How many of their emails are simply spam? And why aren't they using filtering to get rid of the ads for penis enlargements and viagra?

My immediate thought was exactly what your story suggested - the ward sizes have been reduced but they need assistance NOW??? I thought the whole point to the ward restructuring (or so Imagineering London led us to believe) was to REDUCE council's size. When is that going to take place?

I love the bus pass suggestion. Good point - why do they need a travel budget?

As usual, the taxpayers will get screwed again. If Joni and her kind can't do the job that THEY are being paid to do, then they should step aside. We shouldn't have to pay for assistants for each of them!

For all the good it will do, I will write to my councillor and all the clowns on Board of Control. Unfortunately, my councillor is Susan Eagle, so I'm not expecting much.

Honey Pot said...

Mariposa, would you begrudge our city councilors their political junkets/holiday to the west or east coast every year? They do important stuff on those trips, so they say. Why only last year councilers came back with the information that stated cow farts can be trapped and used as energy to heat our homes. After I found out that gem, I went and bought a cow and hooked it's ass end up to my furnace. I must be doing something wrong because it just made the house stink. That is our city council for you, just attending one or two meetings at these taxpayer paid for events,because it cuts into their paid vacation. They miss the details.

mariposa said...

I think too many on council have been inhaling those cow farts.

I guess I'm out to lunch on wages, but to me $31,414/yr PLUS a travel budget seems like a lot of money for a part-time job. To complain now that they need to hire part-time help...

Even without a crystall ball I can see where this is going - full time councillors making double what they do now and each with an assistant anyways!

Gotta love London!

Honey Pot said...

You got it Mariposa. If an audit was ever done down there and people were made aware of how many people we are paying to do diddly, there would be an uproar.

For christsake' they couldn't even keep track of the director of the Dearness home, who had gone missing in action for over seven months.

A floor cleaner, an orderly, I can see how that might slip past the radar, but the freakin' director of the joint?

Just goes to show you the director wasn't needed in the first place. The Dearness home ran without the director just dandy. Just another whack of taxpayer money going towards the ceo welfare program.

matt said...

And Joni does this as a full-time gig already. Most people are supposed to be able to be citizen-councillors with regular full-time productive jobs in the community. How Joni needs help when she is already committing too much time to it is baffling. But like a good socialist there is always something to be meddled in.

mariposa said...

You got that right, Matt!

I just heard tonight on Rogers Cable 13 that council voted themselves a 1.8% pay raise, giving them well over $32,000 per year plus their travel budget and expenses, etc.

While that raise is in keeping with the rate of inflation, 1/3 of their income is NON-TAXABLE. I don't know why. Probably because of the "noble work" they do (cough, cough, GASP!)

And now they need help because reducing the size of their wards actually DOUBLED their workload. Quite the anomoly there!

As usual, Londoners get less for more!