Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"It's a human right to pee"

Darcey on "gender-neutral," "cost-effective," "accessible" places to pee:

Give them their own goddamn washroom, anything to shut them the hell up and keep them quiet until the next gender bender comes along and demands a place of their own to piss and moan. Let the taxpayers pay for it too. Give them some special bidets that suck, splash and spray out every oddly shaped wrinkled crevice. Give them what they want, for this is my Canada too and I want some goddamn peace and quiet.
But what about the dialogue?! How will we know which door to non-discriminatory paradise to push for relief?
"It's a human right to pee," said Rune Breckon, a transgender student enrolled in women and gender studies at the University of Winnipeg.

For Breckon, who doesn't wish to be described as either a man or a woman, going to the washroom has proven awkward -- people constantly stare and sometimes make comments.

[..] Though the idea came from the transgender movement, Breckon believes others, such as people in wheelchairs or parents of young children, could be well-served by the gender-neutral facilities.

Breckon suggests restrooms be called "accessible" instead. No matter what they're named, advocates and the university are trying to figure out how to convey the message because conventional signs won't work.

"We've had this discussion several times about what would be on the door," said Breckon. "Probably just a picture of a toilet would work. We don't want to alienate anyone."
Indeed not! Citizens against discriminatory public washrooms demand a national diaper registry.


libby van dyke said...

Can't these morons see that the notion of segregated washrooms is an archaic holdover from imperialist Christian times? What difference is there between a man and a woman? NONE!!! It's a social construct. OUR BIGOTRY IS THE RESULT OF CENTURIES OF SOCIAL PROGRAMING!!! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PENIS AND A VAGINA!!! No more segregation in public washrooms, damn it! I can think of no greater bonding experience between peoples of different gender and/or sexual orientation than to be to watch one another pee.

fenris badwulf said...

We really need to raise money to fund a study to study approaches to an action plan to resolve issues about funding an awareness campaign about this issue.

Honey Pot said...

Will someone please just tell me where I can throw a piss? Will there be cameras in the cans now, so they can check out our equipment?

Anonymous said...

I piss about 8 or 10 times a day. this happens at middle age (look up prostate gland in a med. encylopaedia)

sooooo, are they gonna resolve this soon?

are there going to be more or fewer places to piss?