Thursday, March 8, 2007

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

From comments at Belmont Club:

It's 2016... Global Shaking is the greatest threat to Mankind's Survival... and former VicePresident Dick Cheney has spent his years out of office becoming an amatuer geologist.

He has determined through his Nobel-worthy scientific studies that the greatest danger to mankind is Global Shaking, caused by cars, trucks, buses and even planes, which shake the ground when they take off and especially when they land. Oh, and also fat Americans, just walking around in their disgusting shopping malls.

He has a famous movie showing dust all over the place, and glasses of water shaking on the subway, and hot coffee shaking in tractor-trailer rigs, and precious sawgrass reeds shaking under the rumbling roar of the Space Shuttle.

He has taught us all a special exercise that we can do that will prove to each of us, deep down, inside ourselves, that the world is shaking more than ever. You stand on one foot, hold your breath, and squeeze your butt cheeks together - and sooner or later, you are shaking! There's no way to deny it! You are feeling Mother Earth shaking!

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Nerf Man! said...

Dick Cheney's gonna have a heart attack long before 2016 - this must be a fake ;)