Friday, March 9, 2007

International Women's Day

And nobody cares except the bitches in heat:

International Women's Day became Beat Up On Bev Oda Day, as politicians and advocacy groups blasted the Conservative cabinet minister for cuts and policy shifts at Status of Women Canada.

Oda's constituency office in Bowmanville was occupied for hours yesterday by Public Service Alliance of Canada members protesting the moves.

A day earlier, Oda had announced a $5-million increase in grants the agency distributes for women's projects. The money has been redirected from a $5-million cut to Status of Women's administrative budget last September, resulting in the closure of 12 of 16 regional offices on April 1.
Irene Mathyssen, honorary mouthpiece for the lazy reporters at the London Free Press, opened her trap to protest the bureaucratic shift of funds. Mathyssen, along with Sam Trosow, and Gordon McBean will occupy Victoria Park this coming Sunday to justify their ecological office space footprint.
The shift in policy has removed local supports for valuable grassroots women's organizations, Irene Mathyssen, London-Fanshawe's MP and the NDP's status of women critic, said last night.

It will make it difficult to get an accurate read on the needs of Canadian women, she said.

"Good public policy should be guided by facts and information," she said. "You can't develop effective programs without research, analysis and advocacy.
I'm a Canadian woman, singular. My needs are not served by ouija board adherents like Irene Mathyssen who attempt to solve "inequalities" by consulting the oracle at collective expense. Prior to news regarding cuts to the SOW, I didn't even know they existed. The ability to purchase groceries outside of the ration line far exceeds the worth of such leaches and their advocacy activities.