Saturday, March 31, 2007

How to assimilate

Another month has gone by… it must be time for a new bureaucracy.

The government of Nunavut has introduced language legislation that would enforce the use of Inuktitut in public places from restaurants to schools to offices.

… The Officials Languages Act declares French, English and Inuktitut to be Nunavut's official languages. The Inuit Language Protection Bill is intended to ensure the three languages remain on an equal footing by mandating the use of Inuktitut for signs and services.

The proposed law says organizations providing "essential services" would have to use Inuktitut signage "at least equally prominent with any other signage used."

However, essential services would include emergency services, health care, restaurants, hotels, utilities, telecommunications and other services deemed to be "essential as a result of their nature or consequences."

Tapardjuk acknowledges that covers almost everything.
Conveniently, said the spider commissioner to the flies. Any similarity between the bill — which includes provision for "an office to determine official usages and coinage of new words" — and la fraternité is entirely intentional.
Quebec's Bill 101, designed to govern the use of French in that province, was one of the inspirations for Nunavut's bill, said Tapardjuk.

"That was the direction Nunavut wanted to take," he said.
Yes, well, Quebec is certainly a model jurisdiction…

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Anonymous said...

we have to support this move as insurance against the day a large chunk of the newly separated nation of quebec cecedes immediately thereafter and rejoins the ROC.

politics makes strange bedfellows.

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tried making love to his girlfriend in the snault.
on being exposed,
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