Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heaps of money continues to burn in Caledonia

As global warming takes over and turns winter into spring, the electricity bills of the Caledonia insurgents are likely to cost taxpayers less, which should offset the distress subsidies to be paid out to law-abiding residents:

(LFP) Ontario Municipal Affairs Minister John Gerretsen is providing a $450,000 compensation package for residents who live closest to the Caledonia lands occupied by members of the Six Nations.

Households will receive $6,000, $3,000 or $2,000, based on their proximity to the site.

Gerretsen said his ministry consulted with the Caledonia Community Committee and others before deciding on the amount of compensation.

"We felt $6,000 for those individuals who are directly involved was fair," Gerretsen said. "It's for the distress and the anxiety and the pain and suffering that these families have gone through."

Gerretsen said the federal government, which is responsible for the land claim negotiations with natives at Caledonia, needs to match the compensation package.
Meanwhile, OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino focuses on seatbelts. Where can I claim my compensation benefits for services poorly rendered?

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Jay said...

What abject fraud.

Not only are the residents being billed for police and court services of demonstrably little value, their "compensation" payments are coming right out of their own (and their neighbour's own) squandered tax dollars.