Thursday, March 22, 2007

Free pot chickens

"Responding to an electoral loss in York South-Weston, where the minimum wage issue is thought to have contributed to the loss of a Liberal seat, has apparently trumped government's concern for a morally sound role for government in employee-employer relations. We can only hope that this is another promise that Mr. McGuinty will break."

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Jake said...

The Liberals pandering of the left will only hurt Ontario's economy more so than it already is now. This budget is arguably the most socialist provincial budget since the Bob Rae years.

The so-called "child tax benefit" is suppose to be an incentive for those on "Ontario Works" to get back in the workforce. In fact, it's the exact opposite since it creates dependency and less of an incentive to want to get a job.

Why would someone go back into the workforce when they can get $250 a child handout for doing nothing? That means that someone on welfare has to work just that much harder and longer to make up for the extra handout. Seems to me that we are heading backwards--the days before Harris when they paid welfare recipients more if they had more kids.

As I expect nothing less from McGuinty and Co., there were no tax breaks for middle income earners--the ones who contribute the most taxes to the coffers.

The $10 minimum wage fiasco is coming full steam. Will be interesting to see how many people actually get the wage once 60,000 people are subsequently laid off. Don't forget to mention the immediate rise in prices due to the inflationary effect on wage increases.

I don't know about you guys, but the second the Dean hands me my degree, I'm hauling myself to Alberta to escape this socialist utopia.