Monday, March 5, 2007

David Suzuki recommends rationing

David Suzuki says he is convinced of the same opinions as he was when he started his carbon costly trip across the country.

After meeting with tens of thousands of Canadians on a cross-country tour, environmentalist David Suzuki says he's convinced that most are willing to pay more out of their own pockets to fight climate change, provided that big industries are forced to do the same.

"Maybe we're speaking to the converted, in which case there's a hell of a lot of converted, but certainly the people we encountered are ready to pay higher prices and to sacrifice, because they see this is a great danger," said Suzuki.

[..] Suzuki said it's now up to politicians to respond with mandatory regulations, starting with short-term targets to force industries to make changes that the population wants to see right away.
Maybe there are also "a hell of a lot" of unconverted Canadians too, but Suzuki and his gang are evidently not interested in hearing from or speaking to those people. Only the converted majority need respond.

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Jake said...

Maybe Suzuki should look at the poll on his own website. When 85% of those who vote stated that Kyoto is a waste of time, you'd better re-think your strategy.

They should establish a country to house all of these narcissistic environmentalists (Gore, Suzuki, Dion, Mathyssen, et al) and let them run their nation according to their own doctrine. Within weeks they would all starve and be applying for UN aid.

Honey Pot said...

What is he even opening his gob for? The gig is up Prophet Suzuki, you have no credibilty. They have all but let the air out of the tires on your big honking mother of a bus. How many times do you have to be told by the Canadian public you are a phoney, a big fat liar, a useless quiff, out to scam us. Get out of here town you moron.

Honey Pot said...

That was an interesting read by Don Martin in the national post early this morning.

The government is spending $150-million on 44 International Polar Year research projects.

The number of polar bears has IBVREASED to 2.100 from 800 in the mid-1980s.

The Inuit have always insisted the bear's demise was greatly exaggerated by scientist.
who do their count, by flyovers looking for white polar bears on snow.

See even the polar bears are enjoying this climate change phenomna. Did no one ever think it might have been just too damn cold to breed.

IThat is a whack of dosh to be spending on the breeding rituals of the polar bear.

Jay said...

Politicians and other scoundrels love the rhetorical device of separating Canadians "pockets" from Industry "pockets". The idea that Industry will bear increased compliance costs out of the goodness of their hearts is absolutely ridiculous on the face of it - I doubt even Suzuki is foolish enough to believe it.

"the people we encountered are ready to pay higher prices and to sacrifice, because they see this is a great danger"

Applying this self-selected focus to group to "the people" - i.e. the thundering herds of stupid that respond to political polls and vote for one of the four socialist parties every four years - would be a fatal mistake. Your average Canadian voter is busy filling their diapers over "gas gouging" and ATM fees for heaven's sake.

MapMaster said...

"Gas gouging?" Isn't that when governments tax gas without competition for tax rates?

Anonymous said...

Sorry," Honey Pot" but Polar bears aren't liking the fact that it isn't cold, since the ice is melting,some cubs don't know how to swim, many cubs were seperated from their mother and even drowned because the ice they were on was melting and floated somewhere else. to this site, cus animals' population is suffering because climate change, development and contaminants and polar experts estimate, within a 100 years, polar bears are going to be extinct.

Polar Bears DON'T Enjoy this climate, Global warming is bad not good... and if there is no Global Warming, we don't need to use the 3R's or Compost or governments telling us to SAVE Electricity,