Friday, March 2, 2007

Cigarettes are bad for you

… but taxing them makes them okay!

Cigarettes smuggled into Ontario and sold without taxes are a public health hazard, [Ontario Minister of Health Promotion] Jim Watson says.

"Yes, it's bad that we're losing the tax revenue," he said in London yesterday.

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Jake said...

If Dalton McWimpy & Company believe smoking is so dangerous to humanity, ban the production and sale of all tobacco products in Ontari....Oh, that's right, they don't want to lose the countless millions in PST and excise taxes from tobacco sales if it were banned.

The nanny state is concerned about the welfare of society--just as long as the welfare of government coffers are not affected. I'd say the government is more dependent on cigarettes consumption than smokers are themselves.

The government wants you to quit alright---but not everyone. If all the smokers in Ontario took this anti-smoking rhetoric seriously and everyone of them abruptly quit, McWimpy & Company would be panicking instead of rejoicing.