Sunday, March 25, 2007

Burn Out

I've been busy in the kitchen contributing to the fight against global cooling, so I almost missed this. Thanks to the Mayor of Mitchieville for his diligence:

(The Red Star) Toronto residents and businesses have taken to the idea of saving electricity – so much so that Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd. is looking to raise rates to cover a $10.4 million decrease in revenue.

The subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corp. said yesterday it has filed an application with the provincial regulator to increase electricity distribution rates by 6.3 per cent as of May 1.

The hike is needed to cover a $10.4 million loss in revenues associated with conservation programs that began in 2005, including last year's summer challenge, which offered hydro customers a 10 per cent credit on their fall bill if they cut electricity use by 10 per cent over two months, according to the utility.

As well, Toronto Hydro-Electric is looking to offset another $4.4 million in extra costs associated with the installation of smart meters in Toronto homes and businesses.

[..] "We are very pleased with the success of these programs," said Blair Peberdy, a spokesman for Toronto Hydro-Electric, noting the increase is being sought under a provision that allows utilities to recoup conservation-related revenue losses.

That's because the cost of delivering electricity doesn't necessarily decrease because people are using less. "Costs don't go away, but the revenue has gone down," Peberdy said.
How tragic it would be if the CEO and other top executives were suddenly forced to give up their free golf memberships. Since we're paying more for using less, we should follow the example of The Mayor:
I'm turning on my fucking air conditioner right now. I don't care how much hydro costs this year, I'm running every appliance until it dies. Hell, you should too. Do your part to keep hydro rates low, run the shit out of everything electrical in your home and business.
Boycott Earth hour and Earth Day.

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Honey Pot said...

You know what amuses me? There is a whack of young people that believe this global warming crap. I make a point to bring the subject up, to get people's take on it. Based on nothing more than the Goracle's B documentary, they have made their decision. The good part about it is, they have no plans to give up anything to save the planet. They were telling me their dreams of buying a gas guzzling auto, and how they wouldn't be caught dead in a smart car. They tend to just like to talk about global warming. I tried to sit them straight, but they couldn't comprehend the politics of fear.

I did get a chuckle though when one of them asked me, in complete sincerity, if I also believed the Blair Witch chronicles were a hoax.

It gave me the creeps the other day. I had the tv on and lo' and behold there was the Prophet Suzuki on a kids show talking about global warming. The audience he would be aiming for is the 0-5 crowd, the older children would be attending shcool. He was telling the kidlets how important it was for them to do their part to save the environment. For some reason his tone of voice made the hairs stand up on the back of my head. There was a time I wouldn't have paid any attention to the prophet, even rendered him harmless. Of late, I don't feel that way.