Monday, March 19, 2007

Bon Appetit

An emergency situation with my computer this past week prevented me from engaging in the strange habit I have acquired of reading articles that are sure to either depress me or raise my blood pressure. There's always some gang group wanting a portion of everyone else's share to save their identity, along with the planet, in addition to a crowd of safety czars promising public awareness campaigns will shorten the health care ration line. Now that my computer is all fixed up, I have resumed my daily practice, though after a few days away from the circus, following many hours of troubleshooting, reformatting and reloading, I've determined that a lowering of blood pressure is in order.

Welcome to Lisa's Kitchen.


Mike said...

Just great, Lisa. Thanks a lot!

Too bad the Internet is only good for letters and numbers and emoticons, and can't transmit your olive and feta lasagna, mattar paneer, and the like. I would like to download dinner from you right now.

You are the anti-Bob Geldof -- Lisa's Kitchen and Lisa's kitchen *create* world hunger and squanders our fresh water resources by encouraging excess salivation.

Lisa said...

"You are the anti-Bob Geldof"

Gosh, that's the biggest compliment I've been paid in a long time. You may not be able to download my food, but you're always welcome to visit my kitchen, real time, anytime!