Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anti-War Fizzles Out

Mapmaster, Lisa, and I met at the park to take in yesterday's Anti-War/Weather Control/Cuba Si rally. We were excited and honoured to have with us our visitors The Mayor, The Little Danish Girl, and Fenris Badwulf, who'd come all the way from Mitchieville. Mugs, a commenter at DMB and SDA, came up and introduced himself, along with Mr. Joe Molnar, who was there snapping pictures in the cold.

In terms of a strict head count, it was almost as much of a right wing extremist fascist neo-postrock blogfest than a protest. The Free Press refers to "throngs" of protestors on its front page, but inside counts about 20. The Mayor journalized that there were about 50.

It certainly does seem as though the neocon/neoliberal/neodisco agenda has triumphed in London, Ontario. Where were the punk rock bands calling for popular justice? The cries for Londoners to become bullets and stones against the evil Western democracies? Not one megaphone was to be seen. Either Londoners don't care about how many hundreds of millions the US has killed, or they're scared to show their faces, fearing having their pictures taken by double agents at yet another false-flag Zionist pseudo-rally Black Widow double-cross psyoperation. At the London Fog, we have it on good authority that it's irrelevant to our masters whether the low turnout is owing to apathy or fear. Either will serve as far as our bonuses are concerned.

Was it really only three years ago that thousands could be found to yell slogans against the destruction of the Taliban and Baath Party? Now, even with the brand! new! serious this time! no really! marketing! campaign! add-on module for Global Warming, not even seventy will fight the power. The lady to the right had the only sign not written in magic marker.

The Holy Roller, ancient guardian of the peace and liberty of Victoria Park, had no comment.

Update: Stop, hey, what's that sound? It's The Mayor's report on this same protest.

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Honey Pot said...

I figure even the glowtards would realize they would look like idiots protesting global warming with their hoods up and mitts on. As flaky as they are, they knew everyone would be pissing themselves laughing at them if they did that.