Sunday, March 25, 2007

Actually, it is a Conservative budget

Via Andrew Coyne:

Average per capita spending of Liberal, PC and Conservative governments since 1964

From the comments:

So, basically, fiscal conservatives who vote for the CPC have to ignore real world evidence, relying on faith that Harper et al are deceiving everyone with this budget about where the CPC wants to take the country. This, apparently, is the best case scenario. Is that about right?
Yep, that's about right. People are cheering so hard for the jersey colours, they forget the players are playing the same game.

John Robson in the Ottawa Citizen nails it:
Unfortunately, buying the middle class gets harder fiscally each year, especially as the population ages, but harder not to do politically. It would be a serious problem if it were understood. It is critical because it is not.
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Anonymous said...

My god, have I been naive!
And all these years I have been taught and believed it was Trudeau who got us into this mess!

Jake said...

Well, Trudeau is actually still is the king of deficit spending. Remember, he got us on the path of multi-billion dollar deficits. we are no longer in a fiscal deficit although spending is at an all time high.

Because of Trudeau's deficits, subsequent governments like Mulroney had inherited huge interest payments in the 1980's of 15-20% on the federal debt, thus making the problem worse.

MapMaster said...

Note, however, that the above figures are for program spending only and do not include interest charges.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so Trudeau got us into a big mess... Mulroney comes along, and yes, gave us freer trade and all... but instead of his saying, "My god what a mess we're in, lets get tough on spending and start to pay down some of this debt", he got us into EVEN MORE debt. So, I would say, as far as spending goes, the conservative Mulroney was worse than Trudeau, and the worse of all is Stephen Harper. Like Mapmaster says, this does not include the interest on the debt.

MapMaster said...

Lest I am ever accused of being a Liberal apologist, I'm actually more sympathetic to the CPC's rhetoric than the Liberal's, but in the realm of action and policy I see no reason to saddle up to either pony.

Anonymous said...

I laugh to myself when I recall Harper claiming a few years ago, that really, he is more a libertarian than anything else (or something to that effect). The Conservatives might be able to accomplish the same sort of things as the Liberals, and do it without scandals, and I suppose in a sense some could consider that makes them better. But ultimately, I don't give a rat's ass who they give my money too. It could be families with young children, it could be giving a free ride to people who take the bus, it could be more money to prop up the artificial economy of T.O., or it could be a bunch of Quebec advertising firms. It's still my money, taken against my will. So, really, if you can take less from me, I would rather that scenario, then to take more, even if those who take more do it in a way that appears more "honest".