Friday, February 16, 2007

Wherein Irene Mathyssen boards the wrong train

Ladies, do you know where the nearest Status of Women Canada office is? Me neither. I'm not sure there would be anyone home even if I did know, for all lobby groups worth their weight in inflation are busy staging protests to secure funds for their research into viable future research projects designed to achieve complete equality for all groups at the expense of oppressive heteronormative individualists across the country.

If London-spawned MP Irene Mathyssen really wants to live up to her ecological footprint, and ensure jobs to arts and social science graduates, she is advised to stop killing trees by printing giant valentines.

Mathyssen, the NDP critic for the government's status of women program, was rebuffed as she tried to have Harper reverse a $5-million cut to the women's advocacy program that's closing 12 of its 16 offices across the country.

Mathyssen went to the front gate of the prime minister's residence at 24 Sussex Drive carrying a huge valentine at noon. She attempted to deliver her giant card, but was kept at bay by security staff.

"We saw no signs of him," Mathyssen said. "I called on Mr. Harper several times and I reminded him he let (comedian) Rick Mercer in and I expected equal treatment. But I didn't even see the drapes flutter."

So she read aloud the poem that said the women of Canada are angered: "Women's equality is now under threat. Cuts to Status of Women, is that all we get? Canadian women fought too hard to go back. We demand action to get back on track."

Two hours later, persistent valentine Mathyssen spied Harper in the House of Commons. "He appeared in question period and he made no mention of the valentine," she said. "I don't understand it. It was lovely."
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jake said...

Irene is just another atypical NDP attention-grabbing politician. For some ridiculous reason, Irene has become the default politician that London's media outlets (A-Channel, the Free Press) turn to for questioning government policy and/or asking anything concerning the Federal Government. She is treated as if her opinions are best suited to reflect London's views on federal issues, despite the fact that her party has zero chance of forming the government.

London has three other MP's (two Liberal, one Cons.) whose opinions represent the overwhelming majority of the votes counted in the last election (approx 80%). I would consider Joe Preston or (God help me) even Sue Barnes opinion on federal issues more relevant since they represent the vast majority of London's federal voting opinion. The media coverage is nowhere near balanced in this regard.

For example, even though Joe Preston is the lone elected Government MP for London, I have never seen either the Freeps or A-Channel interview him for opinion on government related issues.

Even if London (or Southwestern Ontario altogether) were to elected either all Conservatives or all Liberal MPs to parliament save for Irene--I have a hunch the Freeps and A-channel would still only talk to her.

Honey Pot said...

I have yet to hear one women I know state they were devastated that the Status of Women offices were closing down. Irene is under the illusion that women are stupid and couldn't possibly realize the value of having a sow office is to a community. Irene I am here to tell you that females are not stupid, we know a big waste of taxpayer money when we see it. It might be devastating to you that a few of your girlfriends lost their do-nothing jobs, but suck it up and move on.

Anyway Irene, the world is going to be ending soon according to your boss Taliban Jack, surely you and your girlfriends can make up another pretend women thingy to get some dosh for doing nothing.

Use your imagination, call it Women against Global Warming. You could send useless brochures out informing women what to do in the event their air-conditioners cut out. You could set up trade schools for females to be able to fix their own without depending on some nasty male to do it for them. All kinds of things you could do to suck money out of the governement if you set your mind to it.

Anonymous said...

this is the same economically iliterate idiot that wants to regulate the price of gas. just like they did in nova scotia, driving indepencdent retailers to close down so as not to sell at a loss. of course the media forgets this when they can get an agenda serving soundbite from her. Fools

Anonymous said...

guess you've never heard of post-consumer recycled paper, oh I forgot that right-wing ideologues don't believe in recycling.

maybe the reason the media pays more attention to Irene than Joe Preston is 1) she actually works 2) she is actually able to respond with more than "the PMO told me to say this"

at least Irene is busy working for people in our city, unlike Mr. Pearson who seems to spend all his time talking about the Sudan instead of the people he is supposed to be representing.

MapMaster said...

Irene works alright, but at least 90% of her work is self-promotional media campaigns. The least disagreeable and destructive politicians are the ones that do the least.