Thursday, February 15, 2007

That's funny, my home wasn't free... I must have gotten in the wrong rations line

If you're of the privileged class that doesn't have to be at work to earn your living at 4PM on a Thursday, or if you're enough of a rich kid to be able to blow off your afternoon 800-level class in Anti-Racist Basket Unweaving, why not join the Children's Crusade Against Cardboard Boxes?

Remember that Jesse Jackson-worthy slogan, imprinted on this lovely poster -- HUNGRY PEOPLE DON'T STAY HUNGRY FOR LONG THEY GET HOPE FROM FIRE AND SMOKE AS THEY REACH FOR THA DAWN.

By the way, a little brightly plumed tropical birdie flying out of the smouldering ruins of a student residence told me that Bush Is Evil. Charred remains of student loan statements and Jon Stewart posters swirled around me in the winter wind as I tried to stay downwind from the torchwielding grassroots action group of impoverished private sector community members out scavenging for food and the possibility of retirement. A tear came to my eye.


Jake said...

The socialist coup has arrived! This uprising will lead to Gina Barber becoming supreme dictator of London, adding to her title "the Dearest Leader".

We will have to surrender our property to the government in order to accommodate the homeless. The $10 living wage for everyone will become the sole hourly income as I earlier predicted.

Anyone who disobeys will be sent to the gulags that will be set up in White Oaks Mall.

Honey Pot said...


Am I missing something? What exactly does that mean? What is a THA dawn?

I for one would rather see that money go for rent subsidizes for the "fuck rent is expense" people. Once they pay the executive to dole that money out, they might have enough left to send someone out on the bus to bring back about five folded fridge boxes from Sears warehouse.

Now who will show up there, the usual ghetto makers, who haven't met a poor person they didn't want to exploit for their own financial gain. A handful of Western kids who are really more worried about the voice mail not working on their cell phone, but helping the poor looks mighty fine on the resume they are going to give to daddy's friend so they can work at their company next summer.

Mike said...

Saucy HP, the written use of "tha" signifies that the "tha"-user is "down with it", or simply "down". It indicates a free soul who thinks nothing of throwing caution to the wind casually and routinely, whether on or off the music video set, in his, her, or its romantic quest for "kicks" under the oppression of the dominant paradigm of vowellic discrimination. (That's not just me talking, marketing surveys have shown that its use has a powerful influence on buying habits.)

By the way, after I wrote that last peregreph, I found that the Google website says that these are lyrics by the rock and roll band "Rage Against The Machine", whom you may recall were a product successfully marketed by corporations to young people during the last decade. The same song also includes the curiously anti-peace, pro-violence-against-women-and-minorities sentiment, "Violence in all hands/Embrace it if need be/A fire in tha master's house is set".

Other famous lyrics by this marketing phenomenon include "Fuck you, I won't do what you told me", which one would think is a sentiment more appropriate coming from people whom the poster-makers would rob if not char to get free lodgings for themselves -- but, be that as it may. Such literature can be so terribly subjective and full of ambiguities.

What I don't understand is how housing the homeless squares with saving the earth. Surely the homeless leave a small ecological footprint compared to the housed people who burn natural gas or electricity for "comfort". And surely fire is one of the main sources of the dread poison C02.

Violence, arson, greenhouse gasses... I need to study this diagram a little more.

Honey Pot said...

I was worried about you Mike. I was thinking of going down there to protect you, in case Gestapo Gill was down there and wanted to take you out. It was just too cold for me to put on my Wonder Woman underwear. I knew you would be smart enough to wear one of your CSIS disguises, and all would be well.

I watched it on the news. I saw all those kids with their Columbia jackets, root hat and mittens, looking dazed and not even realizing what they were there for. I know someone was smoking herb, or eating 'shrooms when they made up that poster. The cold must of woke them up, by the time they got to city hall.

I saw one kid dragging a tent. I doubt if he slept in it last night. They will save their real protest for when they get back from Mexico after the March break, no doubt.

It is a damn shame they don't realize the hero's they worship are millionarire dollar marketing tools, who no doubt contribute more to global warming and poverty than they could even imagine. Do they not teach those kids cause and effect in Univerity any longer?

Mike said...

Thanks for the concern, HP! I love to people-watch and photograph protests, but, thankfully, I was busy at my awesome job at 4 PM yesterday.

Honey Pot said...

Mike, I can't make it down there tonight and was hoping you could get down to take some photos. The thinking people need some balanced reporting on this next episode. I hear they plan on having noise makers and that somehow is going to force city council to put the money back into the budget.

I am trying to get a hold of Ed Corrigan for you, to see if you could borrow his homeless person get-up for a disguise. Be very careful down there. Word has it that Getstapo Gil will be there, along with his army of ghetto making eco-terrorist.