Friday, February 23, 2007

Paul Van Meerbergen to seek Conservative nomination in London North Centre

Paul Van MeerbergenIn a media release dated February 22, 2007, Ward Ten Councillor Paul Van Meerbergen has announced his intention to run for the federal Conservative nomination in London North Centre in anticipation of an upcoming election. Since his election to council in 2003, Van Meerbergen has been an absolutely consistent proponent of tax and spending reduction and private property rights on council, often standing alone in opposition to municipal waste, unnecessary capital projects, budget tax and spending increases, and needless bylaws that encroach on individual and property rights. Two years ago, Van Meerbergen authored a proposal to reduce municipal taxation by $1,000 per household. As the only voice on council that has fought to reduce the size and scope of local government, Van Meerbergen's unique contributions to municipal politics would be sorely missed in London, but his seeking of the nomination would also be a significant opportunity for Canadians as individuals and taxpayers to be allowed to advance their own interests.

From the media release:

Today, City Councillor, Paul Van Meerbergen announced he is running for the Conservative nomination in the electoral district of London North Centre in anticipation of upcoming national elections.

Van Meerbergen said: “I am happy to fight in the nation’s capital for lower taxes and a sound economy. I have worked for all Londoners on city council, whether on taxes, road improvements, or democratizing city hall, and I will work tirelessly for constituents in the London North Centre riding to represent their interests in Ottawa."

Paul Van Meerbergen has been a resident of London for 20 years. He is married to Linda and they have four children.

Van Meerbergen has been in charge of business development at Lamko Tool and Mold for 12 years. He has been active in the auto parts industry for several years, and is a former chairman of the London Chamber of Commerce Export Club. He has been active in community associations in London, including the United Way, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Scouts Canada and has coached minor sports teams.

Before working with Lamko, Mr. Van Meerbergen was the Ottawa parliamentary assistant to Conservative Member of Parliament, Terry Clifford, OC. Prior to his Ottawa experience, Paul was Vice President of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party for several years.


Jake said...

I think the reason Paul is running for Federal office because he is fed up with the far left direction this council is taking. Every time he has proposed any kind of fiscal restraint or tax cut, he is ridiculed by council, local media, and special interest groups (Urban League, Imagine London, etc.). I think he sees Ottawa as the only level of government who shares his views on fiscal conservatism.

I hope that whoever replaces his seat on council (should he win) isn't another social activist. He is the most prominent fiscal conservative on London council and another tax and spend person to replace him would add insult to injury. He was the lone councilor to oppose past budgets with huge tax hikes and spending increases.

MapMaster said...

I may be wrong, but I believe that in the case of a ward vacancy the seat is offered to the candidate with the next highest total of votes in the previous election — which in ward 10 would be Milyn Edwin Hall, who received 15.9% of votes compared to Van Meerbergen's 69.5%. I don't know too much about Hall, but he received altLondon's endorsement in the last election and gave his website address to the Free Press as altLondon as well, which add up to pretty discouraging signs.

If I'm wrong and a byelection is held, expect that incorrigible communist Ed Corrigan to run again.

Thucydides said...

While I understand his frustration with the current council and the direction (or lack of direction)it is going, I wonder if London North Centre will be conducive to his way of thinking.

After all, they elected Glenn Peterson and gave Elizabeth May second place, hardly a good sign for common sense, fiscal conservatism or following a clear direction and plan in governance!

I suppose tilting at windmills is something which has to be done, if only to show people there really is another way to do things

Jake said...


The results in the by-election in London North-Centre were staggered disproportionately towards the Greens due to both the low voter turnouts and upswing in protest/ anti-establishment votes that occur in by-elections.

The next general election results in London North-Centre will be more in line with the Conservatives and Liberals being up against each other. The Greens and NDP will trail as per normal.

Even if Elizabeth May were to run in London North-Centre again she would likely not exceed her votes from the by-election.