Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Partisan Factions

Some good news today for Status of Women workers who are soon to lose their jobs should they be employed at one of the 12 offices slated to close across the country. That $5 million is being redirected to increase fitness awareness: ParticipACTION is back!

The federal government pledged $5 million over two years Monday to renew ParticipACTION, the federal fitness-awareness campaign.

Starting in the early 1970s, the non-profit agency encouraged Canadians to get fit. The program included a series of television ads that encouraged people of all ages to "keep fit and have fun."

The program ran for three decades, until its funding was cut in 2001.

The federal government decided to renew ParticipACTION to help Canadians develop healthier lifestyles, said Secretary of State for Sport Helena Guergis. The focus is on kids 12 and younger, and groups at high risk, such as seniors, aboriginals and people with disabilities.
Canadians frustrated with the crumbling health care monopoly are sure to welcome this redistribution of their money to fight obesity. Much like Status of Women Canada, the ParticipACTION agency will spend the money researching viable future research projects to promote fitness and well-being, meaning people will get paid to design fancy ads and lobby the government for more money and regulations though fat people and other "high risk" groups will continue to exist, just as they did during the three decades ParticipACTION existed.

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Jake said...

The ghosts of Pierre Trudeau socialism are alive and well after 30 years. He created this tacky nanny-state program and there is plenty of evidence that Participaction was ineffective and wasteful. Stephen Harper, who is suppose to be the antithesis of Trudeau, must be smoking some weird pot.

I pray to God they don't bring back Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcleod.

Carmi said...

Where's that 60-year-old Swedish guy munching on the apple when we most need him?

Sven! SVEN!