Friday, February 16, 2007

Managing the myth

Justin Trudeau speaks at the London Convention CentreThe London Free Press has a short video presentation of Justin Trudeau's $75-a-plate luncheon speech earlier today at the Convention Centre that is conspicuously short on Justin Trudeau himself and long on reactions from attendees who, from all appearances, appeared to originate exclusively from London's political, bureaucratic and funded agency class… which goes to show you what they're up to when the rest of us are working for a living. But judging from the brief clip of Trudeau, it was only a sophomoric and uncharismatic performance of contemporary rhetorical platitude theatre, unappealing unless you're predisposed to that sort of thing. Although Trudeau has been a regular feature in print reporting lately, the broadcast media has been careful to manage and protect the sales-myth by limiting and abbreviating his stage appearances in recognition of his public shortcomings. No matter though, the Free Press' interview subjects made up for the brevity of his appearance, aspiring only to the same level of empty political blathering, mixed with a little starstruck adulation for good effect.

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Honey Pot said...

Yummy, a delicious looking fellow. He surely didn't get his good looks from his dad. He got the movie-star thing going on, but I got a feeling he is a Belinda, and he to will have to dye his hair or poke his eye out after he screws up, in hopes no one will recognize him.

Joe Molnar said...

The following is my letter to the FP Editor this morning.
I suspect it will not see the light of day on the letters page.

One has to observe in wonderment at the apparent masochism of London Chamber of Commerce members who sprung $75 to be lectured by a still wet -behind-the -ears Fidel Castro acolyte about capitalism.
Other than perhaps to be reminded that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, and that Canada is in store for ongoing doses of Trudeaupean socialism.

Patrick B said...

That's the "leadership" of London? No wonder it's still such a pathetic excuse for a city. It hasn't changed for the better since I had to live there for 8 years.

The Director of Education, Ed Holder, clearly believes in the Divine Right of Kings (a.k.a., the Trudeaus). The general tenor of the comments is that of the self-flagellating weak-minded left-Liberals who rise to the top in the "process is all" structure of municipal politics (defined in the broadest sense).

Not an original idea in the whole tape. Of course, originality means standing up for a belief. One of the commentators spoke about following Trudeau on the environment because "that's where the politics is now". Perish the thought that he might actually look at the evidence, look at the brutal denigration of the scientists who dare to raise the issue of the IPCC's evidence base.

All in all, a pathetic performance by the audience. And from the little bit of Prince Justin shown, a pretty pathetic performance there as well.

However, I did manage to watch the whole of the tape and keep my breakfast down. Am I getting more Liberal or is it my stomach getting stronger because of over-exposure to such buckets of slime?

Honey Pot said...

I thought it was orginal. It never ceases to amaze me how they can come up with so many different ways to promote communism as they mow down on their $75.00 a plate grub.

Like this: Capitalism is an excellent system but it must be committed differently if the planet is to survive, Justin Trudeau told a business crowd yesterday in London.-lfp is the "but" that pretty well says it all. Clever, BUT they forget some are paying attention.

Chris Rickett said...

I think the irony of this entire thread is that we don't even live in a free market society anyway.

Today's capitalist is mearly a socialist in an expensive suit. How else can you afford $75 bucks to see Trudeau?

Lisa said...


"How else can you afford $75 bucks to see Trudeau?"

Via taxpayer funds, depending on where you work.

No, we don't live in a truly free market society, but if a free market is our goal, then expensive suit wearing charlatans such as Justin Trudeau should be exposed and subsequently ignored.

Chris Rickett said...

Lisa my point was simple - environmental problems don't have to be solved with more government money (as some have suggested), but simply by stopping government subsidies to polluters.

Balance will come through innovation and internalizing negative externalities.