Thursday, February 15, 2007

Li'l Greenshirt

Many will already have seen this disturbing video at SDA.

Having seen that, and given the general record of movements advocated with such imagery and with such dogmatic certainty as to dare to put hateful words into the mouths of children, which do you think is more of a danger: "climate change", or the enormity behind that video?


fenris badwulf said...

I was moved to tears when I saw this video of this truthspeaking Earthshirt. I took money out of my right pocket and put it into my left, without the usual transaction fee. If more people put money in my pockets, there would be a smile on this child's face.

Little Big Man said...

...and we will not be winning an Oscar for that performance. That was bad. It read like a Belinda Stronach speech. Honestly.

And the scowl. By the end of the vid, I was thinking: "Go to hell kid", not "oh, you poor soul, what can I do to give you a better tomorrow?".

If the character that kid was playing (and he was playing) is representative of the children of the future, then "f ya".

Honey Pot said...

As far as I am concerned that is child abuse. How dare they do that to a child, full his head with such bullshit and fear. Society thinks they have problems with youth now, wait until the schools put it in their heads that the end of the world is right around the corner. Nothing like the end of the world to bring out the baser instincts in people. Let the looting begin.

rhebner said...

I'll bet that kid is the life of the party! Surely he gets invited to every teen-shindig and all his friends make sure he's included in all their get togethers.

I can only hope my kids grow up with such a positive, energetic, can-do spirit.

Give that kid a Happy Meal!

MapMaster said...

Best comment from the SDA thread:

Oh, yeah - that campaign will work. After all, what adult doesn't love being hectored at by a sullen, cynical, mouthy little brat - in a HOOD! no less

Honey Pot said...

That ad is not aimed at adults, it is aimed at youth. The bastards want to incite an anti-adult revolt amongst the children. Who best to recruit for eco-terroism than children. Looks like Green Peace has been paying attention to the jihadist, and are now using their warfare tactics