Monday, February 12, 2007

Doom for the whole family!

BBC's Climate Change GameIn keeping with the mandate of public broadcasters everywhere to kill all joy with flashy tax-funded graphics, the BBC has a new online Flash game called Climate Challenge that, according to Lee Jones of Spiked Online, is

possibly the most miserable game ever created. As ‘President of Europe’ you have a century in which to save the planet from the scourge of climate change by eliminating Europe’s carbon output and convincing the rest of the world to follow suit. It’s a game you can only win by screwing the electorate and destroying the fruits of modern civilisation.
In other words, a deadly accurate depiction of political climate change solutions. On the other hand, it's pretty hard to get worked up over CO2 emissions when they look like nothing other than happy popping little balls of fluff.

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Honey Pot said...

The majority of children's books in schools are based on communist theory, whereas you rob from the rich to give to the poor,and personal reponsiblity is never mentioned. How do you suppose they are going to convince the youth it is their personal responsiblity to go and live in caves, heated with sheep dung to slow the progress of global warming? You have at least three generations of avid consumers who like to talk the talk, but sure as hell will never walk the walk. You start diddling with the economy, and all you are going to get is chaos. People who are in dire straits, eating dirt sandwiches with rat tail topping, won't give a fiddler's fuck about global warming. They will form packs and pillage the village. Just the way it is.