Monday, February 19, 2007

David Suzuki's ecological footprint to be offset by your sacrifices

Though David Suzuki continues to travel across the country with his entourage, the rest of us have no right to privileged modes of conveyance such as SUVs and cars because "growth" is bad. Take the bus, or ruin the planet was the message delivered to members of the Travel Media Association of Canada in London Ontario on Saturday, the hometown of his spawning.

(Lfpress) Humans are committing suicide by destroying the planet, environmental crusader David Suzuki said yesterday in London, calling for immediate action on climate change.

"This idea that we've got to have steady growth forever is suicidal," he said. "All of this talk about growth and 'we've got to have more' is just saying we've got to hurry up what is a suicidal course."

[..] Suzuki said he's shocked some people, after asthma attacks on smog days, are brought to hospital emergency rooms in SUVs.

"It would never occur to them that by the act of buying and driving a car, they're part of the creation of the problem they're dealing with," he said.
Continued increases in the standard of living result in longer life expectancy rates, leading to over-population and carbon poisoning. Next time you or one of your loved ones needs to go to the hospital, remember the polar bears and take the bus instead of the car.

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