Monday, February 26, 2007

David Suzuki Is A Fascist (MP3)

London's favourite musical artists and scions of the Creative City, Hippy Sympathizer, present this brand new, infectious little ditty, "DAVID SUZUKI IS A FASCIST". (MP3)

Give it a listen on your solar-powered Victrola. By the end, this super-catchy song will have even the most devout doomsayers bopping down the street with the refrain bouncing around their heads.

Heard a little song on the radio today
It goes, "David Suzuki Is A Fascist"
Can't believe they get away with the kinds of things they say
Like "David Suzuki Is A Fascist"


Jay Jardine said...

Outstanding. I also quite liked "Bells Ringing For the City of London". Some bona fide gangsta shit there.

Honey Pot said...

The media has caught on to the doomsday duo Goracle and Phrophet Suz-suckie baby. The people in Alberta don't want to tar and feather Suz-suckie baby for going into one of their elementary schools to try and scare the bejesus out of the children, and turn them against their parents. That always gives me the willies when the left use children as political pawns, too Hitler like for my liking.

Finally some sanity has prevailed. They are getting roasted in the media, with the left hiding under their hoodies, too ashamed to opened their mouth to defend them. They finally realized the Goracle and Suz-suckie baby are charlatans.

I think Suz-suckie baby should be banned from speaking in the schools and filling the kidlets heads up with his nonsense. He had a meltdown yelling at them that their parents were evil and their government leader didn't care about their well-being. I can see the kids going home telling their parents they are evil consumers, before they beg them to buy them a new game for their playstation.

Not a doubt in my mind that Suz-suckie baby and Goracle lay in their beds every night praying for a NATURAL disaster to take place so they can blame it on global warming and make gobs more money off the silly sheeple.

Honey Pot said...

Little Miss Apocalypse
David Suzuki's willing use of children to promote his 'ecophobic' terror of the end of the world is reprehensible -national post

I think it is about time the CAS looked into the tree-hugging leaf-eating new puritans eco-terrorist cult. Imagine that father exploiting his child to instil fear in other children. I wonder if he got paid in carbon credits.

That evil arrogant bastard Suzuki exploiting children to gain politically and financially is pathetic.

I don't know how to sit it up but an online petition is needed to keep Suzuki out of the schools, to stop his exploitation of children. He can preach his end of the world crap to the adults, but leave the kids out of it. His message is one that is absorbed by children, the world is ending, your parents are bad, your government is evil.It is harder for parents to explain the complex reason as to why Prohpet Suzuki is doing this.Prophet Suzuki's ulterior motive, money and his fascist ideology, is something that parents don't want to have to explain to the 7 year old and younger children.

Anonymous said...

Right on Honey Pot! And write on...

See Calgary Sun columnist, Licia Corbella's column "This is a charity?"
(also published in todays Freeps though I couldn't find it at

She urges people to complain to the CRA about that hippie hypocrite and his partisan rants. Call 1-800-267-2384.

I'm going to call and tape record it. I'm also going to insist on getting the name of the person I speak to as well as their immediate supervisor because I will tell them I intend them to follow up on my complaint.

Honey Pot said...

Thank you Mariposa! It always gives me faith in mankind when I see others who are not blinded by the great Goracle, and his sidekick Prophet Suzuki. Those two snake oil salesmen have gone to far when they start exploiting children for political and personal financial gain.

Ok, got through talked to Breannna, and she stated that 10% of Suzukis money from his foundation can engage in political activity. She was real nice, and was going to put me over to her boss Gilles Roy...something or other, but the line was busy. I was then put to a recorded message to lodge a complaint, which I did. Someone might call me back, but I somehow doubt it.

Breanne did read the article, but she didn't know what it had to do with the cra. I explainned to her what it had to do with the cra. She got it.

I know there is someone out there in London Fog land that has the ability to set up an online petition. It is what is needed.

MapMaster said...

I'd hesitate to invoke the discretionary powers of bureaucrats to decide the matter of Suzuki's revenue tricks — the legislation governing tax-free status is so sloppy and arbitrary that more useful attention would be drawn toward it in the first place. Better to discredit the fascist instead, I think (although to tell you the truth, I have no idea how to set up an online petition, but I'd probably sign it anyway if there were one).