Monday, February 12, 2007

David Suzuki attempts to justify his carbon emissions

. . . by blaming it on the other breeders:

Q Some people are reluctant to have kids because they worry about what kind of world they will inherit. What would you say to them?

A Many people maintain it's already too late. Me, I tell them, "Be quiet and get out of the way." Yes, we already have very high emissions and we can't do anything about them. But are we going to use that as an excuse so things get worse? We should take action and hope that nature will help us out a little.

Q At the rate we're going, what do you see as the future of the human race?

A It's too terrifying to discuss. Let's just say, we need to act now.


Honey Pot said...

To breed or not to breed? Someone has to breed. I wonder why the interviewer didn't ask father David who he felt should be allowed to breed. That would be the next logical question, and one I am sure father David would have an answer to. Isn't that an issue the government should be putting on their agenda, now that the end of the world is near? I keep asking myself, why do these leaf-eating, tree hugging new puritans, send chills up my spine?

Alberta Pat said...

Compulsory sterilisation for SUV owners? Breeding permission certificates for granola-munching urban cyclists? Funny? Don't be too sure. The tools of the statists are subtle but deadly.

Saint David of UBC is the latest in a long line of tiresome idiots who have convinced themselves they have seen the truth, and that it must be known and acted upon----or else! Sadly, I'd guess that more than two-thirds of teachers think the sun shines out of Suzuki's backside. In the UK children are compelled to watch Gore's nonsense (though it has a "parental guidance" certificate, but teachers are NOT asking parent's permission to show it: "We know best") Given the faddish and left-dominated faculties of education, most teachers graduated in the last 20 or so years are incapable of logical, rigourous thought, know nothing of the scientific method, and see themselves as "agents of change", committed to vague notions of "equality", "fairness" and "peace". The result is a gang of well-meaning fools who think they are passing on an "education", whilst they are actually the "useful idiots" of a truly Salinist state in embryo.

Thucydides said...

"It's too terrifying to discuss. Let's just say, we need to act now."

Indeed. There is a vast amount of scientific evidence out there the Kyoto crowd want to supress. Bring that up every chance you can to every one you can (Don't know what the evidence is? hey Google is your friend).

Ridcule and name calling are "their" tactics; and if you are subjected to that in a debate or conversation, then you can and should declare yourself the winner; after all, what facts, evidence or logic did they use.

Imagine doing this in a live television or radio forum, watching them sputter without an answer would be a great public "outing" of their position.