Monday, February 19, 2007

Can I have the extra large state intervention to go?

London city councilor and pseudo-environmentalist Joni Baechler has opened a pointless debate on how and where you should order your coffee or buy your Big Mac. The Freeps explains:

The value of a growing element of suburban life -- the drive-through -- has come under question at city hall.

The answers could affect where you get your morning coffee or how noisy your street gets.

Council will consider tonight a planning committee recommendation that city staff develop a comprehensive policy on drive-throughs.

The premise behind regulating the drive-thru industry is disguised in the name of preventing "noise" and "car congestion". However, its real purpose is to dictate where legitimate private businesses can locate. As well, it's a form of nanny-state social engineering by telling consumers how to live their daily lives. City Hall's lust for more control over free enterprise is becoming paramount while the choice of the individual is taking the back burner.

This non-issue serves as nothing more than a distraction from the real issues facing council, such as the recent special-interest group spending that has deprived ratepayers of tax relief.

Apparently Baechler thinks the city should regulate legitimate businesses simply because it hasn't been regulated:

So far "we are flying by the seat of our pants" on drive-throughs, planning committee chairperson Joni Baechler said yesterday.

"We have no stand-alone policies relative to drive-throughs. We don't have any policy that says, 'Put them there.' "

Now here is an interesting fact about councilor Joni Baechler. She is considered to be a so-called environmentalist on council yet the reality is she is a hypocrite at best. In fact, she lives in a suburban, car-friendly neighbourhood in her North London ward. Basically, she is nothing more than a "soccer mom tree hugger" or a "pseudo-environmentalist"--a person who labels them self as an environmental champion, when in fact, they are really the exact opposite of what they attempt to be portrayed.

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Mark said...

When is Canada going to insert its collective foot in the ass of these busy bodies?