Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bureaucratic Welfare

Arnold Schwarzenegger is bad for the environment, so he's purchasing some carbon credits and funding some lobby groups to ease his conscience, though he continues to live a lavish lifestyle. (HT: Drudge)

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves a big environmental footprint for one man, specifically with his frequent use of private jets to ferry him throughout California and the world. His two estates are large enough to house small villages. And the champion of environmental controls to curb global warming pumps far more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than an ordinary citizen, by far. He is driven everywhere in a caravan of two black SUVs and, sometimes, a lead sedan.

Depending on the private jet he chooses from NetJets - usually it's a relatively large one, to include staff and CHP bodyguards - Schwarzenegger and his posse could dump as much as 8,700 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for a single one-hour flight from Santa Monica to Sacramento, according to data from TerraPass, the carbon retailer.

[..] By contrast, a single person traveling alone on a commercial flight from L.A. to Sacramento contributes 477 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
To atone for his sins, the signatory of AB 32 is funneling some money to his researching comrades. In addition to the $136 he paid to "offset" his trip to the Davos conference in Switzerland, Governor Arnold has also pledged to voluntarily register his emissions and plant more trees at your expense.

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Jake said...

The so-called Governator has become the left wing "girly man" that he once denounced. When he won the recall a couple of years ago, he said he was against any kind of radical environmental ideology.

The only explanation for this abrupt change in Arnold is this: He was kidnapped and deprogrammed of his conservative ideology by some radical psychiatrist. This shrink is likely the same one who did something similar to Nancy Branscombe--how you can go from an Alliance Party candidate in 2000 to a socialist in six years is stunning!

Anonymous said...

The Roidmeister loves power and fame more than truth or justice, so he decided that the best way to get what he wants is to keep telling Californians fairy tales about government being an infinite well of wisdom and cash.

The reason why Global Warming is so popular among politicians of this ilk is that it allows tax increases to be sold as sticky, sweet do-gooderism rather than as the outrageous theft that they are.

Speaking of conservatives turned socialist, how's that wacky Stephen Harper doing lately? Can he come up with a hysterical crisis sufficiently differentiated from the ones being sold by the NDP, Libs and BQ in order to make his supporters happy about being reamed out by their favorite political party? Killer bromides? Terrorists lurking at every Liberal, NDP and BQ nomination meeting? (but miraculously none in CPC riding associations)